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Month: November, 2010

MODEL: Luis Borges

Model: Luis Borges
Agency: Elite Milan
Season: Spring/Summer 2011

I’m flipping through my Google Reader and I happen upon a face. The features practically cause my eyes to falter in their monotonous rituals of seeing image and after image, model after model. I see his face and I click. I then find myself watching behind the scenes footage of a model who is obviously very comfortable in front of the camera, creating the editorial that I was previously examining. It was at that moment that I knew who atleast one of the models I wanted to spotlight for today, and with a campaign record like this(not to mention his runway resume) how could I not?

Luis Borges
Origin: Portugal

TFS Thread


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Kenzo SS11
Rynshu SS11
Christophe Lemaire SS11
DKNY FW10(presentation)
Y-3 FW10
Iceberg FW10
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Guiliano Fujiwara FW10
Miharayasuhiro FW10
Wooyoungmi FW10
Neil Barrett FW10(opened)
Paul Smith FW10
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Rynshu FW10
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Hermes SS10
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Kris Van Assche SS10(closed)
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Etro FW10
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Interview(Leather Rats)
Hit Mag
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Dressed to Depress

Model: Peter Bruder
Photographer: Markus Pritzi
Publication: Sleek Magazine

So I haven’t been around as often as I should, I know. I missed last week’s Model Monday and I also didn’t do the dance video. I’m not actually sure if I’m going to still do the dance video series but I do plan on getting back to the Model Mondays. The thing is I’ve been dipping in and out of this bout of depression and I felt that this editorial featuring Peter Bruder, styled by Isabelle Thiry and lensed by Markus Pritzi for Sleek Magazine, was the best way to segway into a blog for me to vent.

Well, I’m not really going to vent, although that is very much my style. I guess I just wanted to blog… do something a bit personal. I mean my personal life is sort of in the pits right now. LIke I said a while back, I was in a car accident and because of that I lost my job. My truck(which is now totaled) wasn’t completely paid off, but it will be in December and so I have to find a way to pay the other $550 that I owe on that, while not having a job. In addition to that I have a cell phone bill that runs me $30 bucks a month. I have all this to worry about and yet I work in fashion… people look at my clothes and think, he can’t be too bad off. They see the outward appearance and say, he say he’s struggling but it can’t be too bad. They just don’t know.

Anyway, other than that I did just do a project that I’m wrapping up. It should be surfacing on the internet soon so you guys will be able to see the work. After working on it I found that I really and truly take on the tastes of my client when doing work(and yes it was a client so that does involve cash… no matter how little). I mean while doing the project I was very much gungho about it and then afterwards I kinda stood back and was like, “Oh, I did that.” It’s not a bad thing, I just know now that while in the moment I can gauge my client’s reaction probably by mine, if I have a good handle on their aesthetic.

Anywho, that’s enough of that. There’s many other things to do. I’ve become very active on The Fashion Spot. I also have issues of Vogue and Interview I’ve yet to post… oh and I’m still waiting for some people to confirm that I in fact have gotten my hands on every image from the Vogue Paris issue that’s being edited by Tom Ford, and then I’ll blog that as well… My father has come back to fashion!

See the rest of the editorial here

Atelier Minyon

So I think I have a fetish… a deep strong desire for positively sickening accesories. Ones that capture the eye are ideal, and if they are animals… oh please give me more. So it comes as no surprise that I’ve been cyber stalking the boutique known as Atelier Minyon. I badger them over Twitter, go through their every Facebook image, and have probably run through every link on their web page.. .maybe twice. While I have yet to actually get my paws on a piece, I’ve drooled from the comfort of my home, waiting for the day when I can run down the streets of SoHo wearing one of the boutiques handcrafted pieces. I mean look at that ring, isn’t it mesmirizing?

Last week, my boss over at StyleHop sat down with Alp at Atelier Minyon and the video above resulted. I never really knew who the designer of the pieces was(okay I did know his name was Alp but that’s it) and it’s always nice to hear a designer talk about their pieces. The boutique will be putting on their 2nd Anniversary Party next month and to my knowledge Style Hop will be covering it. Sadly, it won’t be me but maybe there’ll be some pictures that who ever covers will take and I can reblog. If not, just watch my Twitter account and I’ll tweet the link. Till then, salivate over these images, before doing all you can to get your hands on(and through) these pieces.

Check them out

155 Spring St.
New York, NY

Atelier Minyon
Max and Chloe

SPRING: Prada Menswear 2011

Models(from left to right): Luka Badnjar, Theo Hall, Nicolas Ripoll, Fenn Sean,Christian Ochsenfahrt
Label: Prada
Collection: Spring/Summer 2011 Menswear

It was probably backwards of me to blog about the Prada Spring/Summer 2011 Womenswear show before the menswear show. I mean Miuccia Prada herself even admitted to using the simplicity that constituted the Menswear collection as a starting point for the Womenswear. Well to be entirely honest, I’d stared at these faces for entirely too long and just knew what I wanted to say for the womenswear collection, and it felt so joyous. And although the collections share a similar color palette, to me the emotions they provoke are like night and day.

Watching the closing for the show, the versatility of the color palette is evident. One may be a tad confused as to what season we’re in, seeing as sleeves on the whole were long, but shorts proliferated through the collection. To sum up the collection in one word, I must revert back to Andre Leon Talley, “Clinical”. But of course not the bad kind, like when he was referring to Calvin Klein, but the good kind, when he was referring to Isabella.

Clinical and institutional are the words that describe the Prada Spring/Summer 2011 Menswear collection best. The words describe everything, from the scrub like tops, to the actual runway venue. Composed of concrete and glass that seemed to emanate light themselves, the runway itself seemed as if it were a hall pulled out of a clinical institution. The uniformity of the looks didn’t stray; three pieces suits, which were surprisingly slim, and striped sweaters were the order of the day.
I would be remiss if I didn’t point out that there was a play on proportions as well. We see three piece suit and think of it being a little bulkier than say, a simple shirt and pant. For Prada, this isn’t the case. The tops, mainly untucked, ranged from Clement Chabernaud‘s Under Armour like top that was layered atop a dress shirt and tie but still seemed like a second skin, to Tom Fonteyn‘s denim scrubs layered over a dress shirt and tie of the same material.

Accessories Shot
Source: Love Magazine
Label: Prada
Collection: Spring/Summer 2011 Menswear

The collection, which featured stacked shoes which were actually composed of a combination of 3 different shoes, is sure to be an editorial favorite. The thing is, which season should the pieces be shot for? In the cover shoot for the latest issue of Hero Magazine, Luka Badnjar, who opened and closed the show, is wearing the pieces amidst what seems to be fall leaves, and it doesn’t seem one ounce out of place. Maybe the Prada man believes in global warming and knows in something that we don’t. I’d really use any excuse to get my hands on a piece though.

Models(left to right): Lucas Mascarini, Albert Krarup, Linus Gustin, James Smith
Photographer: Sonny
Label: Prada
Collection: Spring/Summer 2011 Menswear

See the collection in the galleries.

Opened: Luka Badnjar
Closed: Luka Badnjar
Exclusive: Luka Badnjar,Peter Beyer, Pierre-Harald Leducq

SPRING: Prada Womenswear 2011

Model: Jessica Stam
The Sartorialist
Collection: Spring/Summer 2011 Womenswear

Before I actually begin to discuss the hedonism that was the Prada Spring Summer 2011 Womenswear collection, I would like to get something off of my chest. Blogging womenswear is decidedly alot easier than menswear. Runway that is. Information and resources are light years ahead in womenswear compared to menswear. For example, to find out the casting list for this show, I only had to click through Style.com and I got the models name as well as a short GIF of them actually walking in the show. For menswear, I had to track down a list, which was alphabetized, and then in turn look up every model on said list(if I didn’t know them) to find who exactly they were. I mean, I have no problem with womenswear bloggers, and don’t completely consider myself a “menswear blogger” but I just wanted to make that point.

Now why don’t we get into some bananas, 20’s, color blocking, and good old fashion hedonistic behavior; in other words, the Prada Spring/Summer 2011 Womenswear collection.

Shala Monroque(Editor at Large for Pop Magazine)
Jak and Jil
Blouse and Skirt: Prada Spring/Summer 2011
Bracelet: Delfina Delettrez

Always the first one to rock peices from new Prada collections, days after Miuccia Prada showed the Prada Spring/Summer 2011 Womenswear collection in the same space she showed the Menswear collection a few months prior, Shala Monroque was spotted by Tommy Ton of Jak and Jil wearing pieces from the collection. The detailed shot of the blouse(Look 26 in the show worn by Hannah Noble) makes evident what the funky designs covering pieces of the collection are: monkeys. Of course and you can’t realistically do a collection featuring monkeys as the cherubs for your work without bananas, now can you? Miuccia even got in on it herself, taking her bow in a small pair of bright yellow banana earrings, which I sadly didn’t catch on any of the model’s ears.

Deciphering a Prada collection is always like attempting to figure out what your mom puts in your favorite dish. There’s just so many things that it could be, so many things that are blatant, but you always have the uncanny feeling that you’ve missed something. In the collection, the monkeys are evident, as are the bananas. Even the flapper-esque fit of some of the dresses, with the fringe adorning the hem is there for all to see, and hear apparently. But is that the depth of the 20’s influence? Only a little fringe, and the flapper fit? Or are those fur stoles supposed to remind us of the Jazz Age with a more modern, hedonistic twist? Are we to look to the stacked boaters and think of decades past and platforms forgotten? Oh and what about that darn sombrero? Although packing a punch in the color department, where exactly did that come from? The bananas maybe? Of course and all of that isn’t even touching on the question of who exactly closes a Spring/Summer show with a black dress?

Accessories Shot
Photographer: Sonny
Label: Prada
Collection: Spring/Summer Womenswear 2011

All in all, while the collection nods to the trends, including a little to minimalism, it’s fully hedonistic. That’s really the only word I can find to describe it. It seems that the Prada woman will have something to celebrate in the Spring/Summer of 2011 and it will include her tall heels no matter what Prada’s CEO, Patrizio Bertelli, has to say or thinks about it. And the only thing I have to say is… I’d have it no other way.

Backstage Shot
Models: Jourdan Dunn(left), and Melodie Monrose(right)
Photographer: Sonny
Label: Prada
Collection: Spring/Summer 2011

See the entire collection in the galleries.

Opened: Arizona Muse
Closed: Arizona Muse
Exclusive: Lynn Amelie Rage

EDITORIAL: Hailey Clauson

Model: Hailey Clauson
Photographer: Alexander Neumann
Publication: Harper’s Bazaar Mexico

I would have to admit that I normally like a little bit of grit with my glamour and that’s exactly what Danny Santiago styles for this editorial for Harper’s Bazaar Mexico. Modeled by Hailey Clauson we find Bottega Venetta and Calvin Klein mashed with(correct me if I’m wrong) Nicholas Kirkwood and Celine. Shot in a studio by Alexander Neumann, the monochromatic editorial is playfully dark and features pieces that the New York woman would(or should) die to get her hands on.

DeLibel Aniversary/Fall Fashion Preview

Event: DeLibel Boutique Anniversary/Fall Fashion Preview
Location: DeLibel Boutique
Photographer: Mikelle Street

About two weeks ago I was invited to attend the DeLibel Boutique Anniversary and Fall Fashion Preview. I actually found out about DeLibel one day when walking through the Vista, looking for places to pull for my second photoshoot this summer. I walked in and spoke with Susan Hoke, the owner, and we immediately hit it off. I’m always a big talker and whenever I find myself with her I seem to go on and on, and she nods along and says things that make me lapse into hours of conversation. Needless to say I used her pieces in the shoot which I think turned out really well and we promised to stay in touch.

The boutique has what I can only describe as an eclectic collection of pieces. I found myself immediately drawn to the cocktail style dresses as well as the accessories while I was there my first time and at the Fall Fashion Preview, while sampling the delicious hors d’oeuvres, I found myself drawn again to the accessories but also some of the new pieces they’d just got in for fall. I found myself gravitating towards a very specific cardigan that Marquis Bias was wearing(as well as another attendee who liked it so much she bought it to go) which I could dress either up or down. I really don’t think you can go wrong with a good cardigan, and especially one this luxe.

DeLibel Boutique
Monday-Saturday 10:00 am – 7:00 pm
Sunday 11:00 am – 5:00 pm

1215 Lincoln Street
Columbia SC 29201


Thanks again to Susan Hoke and the rest of the DeLibel staff for a wonderful event.

See more images of the event and attendees(including Marquis Bias and Jai Marshall) in the galleries.

Models: Kimberly Dawn, Kayla Blake, Danielle Wilson, Laura Fielden, Megan Pickney, Lauren Malstrom.
Photographer: Mikelle Street
Location: DeLibel Boutique
Camera Provided by Candace Whitaker

Gossip Girl: The Witches of Bushwick



Little J is back… need I say more?

FIXATE: Linus Gustin

Show Card
Model: Linus Gustin
Agency: Ford Models Europe(NY)
Season: Spring/Summer 2011

As I wrapped up Bo‘s spotlight I began to feel just a tad guilty and very curious. To be a fashion blogger is a unique thing, and so when I mentioned Linus Gustin in passing I was assuming everyone knew who he was. As I read over the post I reconsidered my stance and decided that I should introduce you to the model who’s graced runways in Paris, Milan, Barcelona, and Sweden. The man is a certified runway beast, booking shows like Yves Saint Laurent, Z Zenga, and Prada continuously while bookending this year’s Victor & Rolf show(opening and closing). His campaign work is solid as well as his editorial work, which I feel is about to recieve a little spurt of growth. Known for his sharp cheekbones and cleft chin, Linus has a face that is not easily forgotten. Why don’t we take a closer look at it.

Name: Linus Gustin
Place of Origin: Sweden
TFS Thread

Ford Europe(Paris)


Some of you more informed readers may look at the following runway list and say, it’s unusually short to be recounting Linus’s runway work. Well I’ve only decided to spotlight shows in the major fashion weeks and then only certain shows from that. Hope you enjoy the selection.
Costume National SS11(O)
Prada SS11
Z Zegna SS11(Opened)
Pringle of Scotland SS11
Cerruti SS11
Francisco van Benthum SS11(Closed)
Lanvin SS11
Peter Petrov SS11
Raf Simons SS11
Songzio SS11
Viktor & Rolf SS11(Opened and Closed)
Yves Saint Laurent SS11
Kenzo FW10
Walter Van Beirendonck FW10
A few SS10 shows


Tiger of Sweden S/S 2011
MiharaYasuhiro F/W 2010
Lagom F/W 2010
Tiger of Sweden F/W 2010
NN07 Winter 2010(lookbook)
The Local Firm Spring 2010(lookbook)


Contributor Magazine (I’ll be your Mirror)
GQ Style Italia(Film Noir)
Numero Homme #20(Rapaces)
Cover Magazine (Belle du Jour)
Plaza Magazine(Industrialism)
L’Officiel Hommes Italia(cover)
Bon Magazine(Even Just for a Day)
Contributor Magazine
Vogue Italia(Garcons Terribles)

FIXATE: Bo Develius

Model: Bo Develius

I found Bo Develius through one editorial. From there I was on to the forums looking for more information about him. I, sadly didn’t find much but then recently, he has begun to pop back up and I think it’s about time for him to step into a long line of editorial and commercial work. Already represented by Nische and Major Paris, Bo has a nice platform. When I think Nische I think Linus Gustin and his extensive runway work. Hearing Major Paris… well you understand that aspect. While I’m not that familiar with FM, I do hope that he makes his way to New York to sign with Soul. I’m not sure whether or not he has what it takes to make it big in Milan… yet. I mean, the poor boy is only 16. While we await his future though, why don’t we get into a little of his past.

Name: Bo Develius
Place of Origin: Stockholm
Age: 16
TFS thread
MH thread

FM Models(London)


Lagom SS 2011(opened)


Commons & Sense Man(cover)
Cafe magazine
Velvet magazine
Stockholm Magazine
The Room Magazine(Owner of a Lonely Heart)
Contributor Magazine(Atmosphere)
Carbon Copy