Inspire to Influence

by Mikelle S

It’s probably every fashion person’s dream to atleast one day set your feet in New York. Well at least every American fashion person. Why, because that’s “where dreams are made and broken,” because “if you can make it here, you can make it anywhere!” But sadly, most will find themselves confronted by responses like the one above, although maybe in a different way(I just find an affinity towards this one). For some that response will send you running, right back to wherever you came from with complaints of “I’m just not right… I’ll never make it,” and excuses about there “not being that many minorities,” or that “the odds were stacked against me” or even, “it wasn’t all that great anyway!”

For others, you’ll sulk back home and climb into bed, curl up with your Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough ice cream, and turn on Devil Wears Prada, or The September Issue, and say to yourself, “better luck next time!

But for a select few, it won’t deter you. You may have to go back to your car to give yourself a quick freshening up, or maybe sling on that jacket that you thought was maybe a little too over the top so you left it in the trunk. But you march yourself right back to the door and before long, you’ve found your way inside. Whether it’s because while you were putting on that jacket you texted a friend who knew someone who could get you in, or maybe because your confidence was just that convincing, but whatever the reason is, you find yourself inside of that establishment while others sulk away into the shadows.

Which one are you?