EDITORIAL: Suprematism

by Mikelle S

Models: Xenia, Volker
Photographer and Styling: Madame Peripetie
Hair and Makeup: Anja Schweihoff
With all the ingredients for a minimalist editorial Suprematism, shot by Madame Peripetie, gives us what we assume to be the opposite. With pieces billowing, and creating geometric shapes around Xenia and Volker, the sheer size, or potential of the size, of the garments is immediately impressed on the onlooker. Utilizing pieces from the likes of Rey Pador, Linda Friesen, and Mango the editorial turns out to being one that instantly intrigues me… and of course can segway into a discussion 🙂

Left: dress Linda Friesen, headpiece Charlie Le Mindu, shoes Frederick Hornof
Right: dress and shoes Rey Pador

So, you really couldn’t NOT notice the dichotomy that was the Spring/Summer 2011 collections! I mean the minimalism that was say… I don’t know, Alexander Wang versus the opulence that was Louis Vuitton? (I’m not sure I would call Louis Vuitton opulence though.. thus my not having written a review on it yet… let’s call it indulgence… yeah, that’s better indulgence.) It was clear that there was a disconnect between the majority of the shows in New York, and the majority of the shows in London. Take Mary Kantrantzou for example… did you see minimalism? Her collection, reminiscent of porcelain/china dolls, was wonderfully colored, and tastefully so.
Some say that the editors, and the rest of the industry at large will have bored of the minimalistic aesthetic by the time Spring 2011 rolls around and that the things being shot will be more of Oscar de la Renta and D&G than Neil Barrett. I mean this minimalistic trend has been going on for two years so I can’t blame editors getting annoyed with it, but I rather like it to be entirely truthful. This season’s minimalism was just a touch different than others though: it seemed a tad bit more relaxed than in past seasons.
Of course I have taken this editorial and bent it to my own meaning and disregarded the intended meaning which more than likely had to do with the Suprematist’s movement, an early twentieth century Russian art movement started by Kazimir Malevich. The Wunderkind Fall 2009 collection was inspired by the movement as well.
hat Femke Ageme, dress Linda Friesen, shoes Frederick Hornof, tights Wolford

headpeice Varun Sardana, coat, skirt, leggings, and clogs, all by Frederick Hornof
Left: hat Femke Ageme, dress Linda Friesen, shoes Frederick Hornof, tights Wolford

Right: coat Karolina Piech, top Mango, leggings Linda Friesen, shoes Dora Mojzes

Left: shoulderpiece Linda Friesen, corset Tolllkiersche, robe Frederick Hornof, shoes Rey Pador

Right: collar Linda Friesen, dress Frederick Hornof

Left: collar Linda Friesen, dress Frederick Hornof
Right: dress Linda Friesen, headpiece Charlie Le Mindu

dress and shoes Rey Pador

Models: Xenia (Model-Pool), Volker (Tomorrow Is Another Day)
Photographer and Stylist:Madame Peripetie
Hair & Makeup: Anja Schweihoff (LIGAWEST)
Stylist’s Assistant: Heike Heldsdörfer