All is Fair in Love and War

by Mikelle S

WATCH GOSSIP GIRL, SEASON 4 EPISODE 5, “GOODBYE, COLUMBIA” HERE!, N, D, V, C, B, STD… at one point it became alphabet soup as little Juliet began to decipher one of the latest scandals. She did so, of course with the help of a very comprehensive chart from Gossip Girl herself.As I am always conscious of not ruining anything or just giving a recap of the video there are only a few things to say:

  • If you are a lover of war(as I am), this season is shaping up to be the best yet as players are still coming to the board.
  • As I’d already been informed, it seems that little J shall be returning to the Upper East Side, next episode as an intern for Tim Gunn. Off screen, apparently Tim Gunn wasn’t too smitten with Taylor.
  • As everyone feuds, in the back of my mind I wonder… is E’s character only going to dim from here out, or will he become more frequent once J has arisen?
  • That being said, run along and watch the episode. The drama and schemes are aplenty!