Guzzle some Dari

by Mikelle S

So I don’t just like fashion. My love for fashion is actually apart of a greater love. A love for art. Because I see fashion as art, the love for fashion falls into this. Anywho, another love that falls over this is a love for music. I mean now that I have been able to find actual runway soundtracks, I’ll play those while flitting around the internet. If I tire of those I play the other music I have from artists like Beyonce, Lil Wayne, Alja Jackson, and Dari!

You guys may remember Dari from the track that he gave to Que, Shake Dat Sh*t. Well, apparently Dari will be coming out with his own mixtape/EP soon, and here are a few of the tracks that have leaked.“Guzzle Me” by Dari“Shorts” by Dari“Smooches Remix” by Dari feat. Gucci Mane
What do you guys think?