Follow the Leader

by Mikelle S

Still from the Topman Short Film Series, “Louis, Henry, & Sid”
The infatuation with fashion here at 803 I’m sure is evident. *Gestures to surroundings* I mean, we faint at McQueen, and silence our own mothers during a livestream of Marc Jacobs(which we will eventually get around to discussing… just give us some time!). The adoration of the film media may not be as palpable though. It’s still there though, I mean we are developing our own collection of the videos, shorts, and documentaries that have practically placed a siege on the industry. It’s just something about film and fashion that clicks though… maybe it’s the reason that this is now another dimension to see the interpretation of one’s line, maybe it’s because the movement of the garment and actual wearablity is evident… or maybe like everything else in fashion, we’ve bored of the same old same old and we are ready for something else to get our hands dirty in. Who knows, but until we find out(and even probably after that) we will be looking for every intersection of fashion and film and plopping ourselves right there.
See vital info about Topman and the upcoming film series below the clip.
So, to find out that there are a series of short films on the horizon… makes us positively GIDDY. And to hear that it’s a project by Topman… we have now arrived at ecstatic. Add denim into the mix and we have become fidgety in anticipation. NOt understanding? Let’s lay it out

What: Three short films entitled Louis, Henry & Sid directed by Laurence Ellis
When: October 4th, 2010
Why: Topman is introducing three new fits in the film; Carrot, Skinny, and Arc. Viewers will be able to really ascertain an essence of the fit, of what Topman is and means as a brand through these videos while being introduced to these new designs and shapes.
Where: TOPMAN.COM(and hopefully here maybe? *wink wink*)
Get it? Got it? GOOD! While I know you love my eloquent speak for when I get all business savvy, I know you really are just ready to follow the leader. So let me point you in their direction:
Now Go.