I Want Proenza Schouler

by Mikelle S

Campaign: Proenza Schouler
Season: Fall 2010
One of my favorite labels of all time would have to be Proenza Schouler. It’s not just because of the designs themselves, although that did attract me at first, but is instead because of the entire machine and being that the brand has become. With an uncompromising and unwavering hold to their aesthetic, the brand has a cult following that I believe any brand would envy. I mean they’ve been operations for a while now and this would mark the first season that they actually have shot an ad campaign. A beautiful ad campaign at that!

See Act da Fool along with an interview from Proenza Schouler as well as a pair of pants I covet from the brand!

“Act da Fool”
Campaign: Proenza Schouler
Season: Fall 2010
Directed by Harmony Korine

Well in addition to the print campaign they shot, Proenza Schouler decided to take it a bit further and shoot a short film featuring pieces from the Fall 2010 collection. Tapping Harmony Korine, for the direction of the film because of a liking of another film he did entitled Kids, Proenza Schouler set out on this new project. I was excited to the max for a few reasons. One, well I just love the brand, and two I love a good fashion film that really relays the emotion and backstory of a garment. Especially in womenswear since I’ll never be able to wear it. Now to say that I wasn’t surprised, and even taken aback by this film when I first saw it would be ridiculous. My feelings bordered on disgust at what I believe was a racially stereotypical film but down inside I didn’t want to believe that. I couldn’t believe it for myself so I searched for an explanation.

Interview with Jack and Lazaro of Proenza Schouler about “Act da Fool”
After watching this interview my fears were quelled. Instead of seeing a film that perpetuated the state in which a race lived, was accustomed to living, and was picked at for living in, I saw a film that was really just telling it how it was. How a group of girls, among the many evil and hard things going on in their lives, stuck it out and knew that they had each other, of course and their clothes. The clothes sort of exemplified their situation, having the school girl vibes but very much being out of the ordinary. Just like them, they were teenagers but rebels. Furthermore I realized that there were references(like with the Kids movie and other works by Harmony that I have yet to see) that I just didn’t comprehend. Because I’m not familiar with Harmony, I am not familiar with his style of cinematography… and I realize that.

So, I’ve been coveting these HAND PAINTED jeans from the Proenza Schouler/J Brando collaboration since I saw them… do I care that I have to hand wash them?? NO! I mean that’s just the extra care and devotion that is required of garments of this nature. You can’t even IRON these pants, that’s how delicate they are. And I wouldn’t even try to iron them. I’m not even sure I would even wear them, I probably would just hang them up some where to stare at them everyday. Then I would probably take them down every once in a while and style a bunch of different outfits using the bottoms and then never put the outfits on, just putting the ART back up where it belongs, to be gazed at. As you can guess, I will be looking forward to the Proenza Schouler show this season!