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Month: September, 2010

Dries Van Noten is Inspirational

Collection: Dries Van Noten
Season: Spring/Summer 2011 (Paris)
To quote Candy Pratts Price, “September is the January of fashion” and I find myself sitting here on the last day of the month finally experiencing that moment of transcendence that I await every fashion season. At this point I have trudged through the fashion weeks of New York, London, and Milan found, much to my disappointment, that the collections were quite clinical to put it politely. Of course there were a few exceptions—Marc Jacobs, Marchesa, and Carolina Herrera in NY, Burburry in London, and Gucci in Milan, but as a whole I found myself desperately underwhelmed. I was on the verge of giving up this season, finding that I could barely even bring myself to look at another runway review, and then it happened: I stumbled upon Dries Van Noten. Finally I had found what I was looking for so fervently—inspiration. Simplicity, elegance, and glamour all rolled into one. I found in this collection the same aesthetic that was perpetuated by my biggest fashion influence Mademoiselle Coco Chanel, a simplistic femininity peppered with elements of men’s tailoring. The end result is a confident, sexy, elegant lady who knows what she wants and takes it for herself. In other words the Coco Chanel of today.

For this collection Dries was inspired by the paintings of Belgian artist Jef Verheyen. The designer found himself captivated by the artist’s ability to capture light in his work and therefore set out to accomplish the same feat in his Spring/Summer Womenswear collection. The collection was a masterful display of beautifully feminine blouses covered in iridescent paillettes nestled beneath dramatically oversized menswear inspired blazers. Ornate patterns taken from Chinese ceramics were applied to sumptuous white silks and then bleached away to create an enchanting ombre effect. One of my favorite moments from the collection came the form of look 49—a black oversized blazer over a pewter blouse, covered in paillettes that tied at the neck. Placed underneath was a simple white skirt that appeared to be nothing more or less than the bottom end of a men’s dress shirt as it appears when left un-tucked. The look summed up what I feel is the essence of the entire collection and I later learned that this was one of the designers favorite looks as well.
The accessories of the collection anchored the soft elegance of the silks and paillettes. The shoes were done in soft suede in muted tones with chunky heels. The glasses and handbags were sleek and modern as well were the jewelry pieces. All of these elements come together with the clothes like the sections of an orchestra to produce the sartorial symphony that was the Dries Van Noten womenswear collection for spring/summer 2011.

See the collection in it’s entirety on Style.


Marquis Bias is an expert in fashion and style based in Columbia, South Carolina. He is well known throughout South Carolina for his work as a fashion stylist and creative director as well as his position as the President of the Fashion Board at the University of South Carolina.

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Le Langue D’Amour


The Nickleodeon Theatre in Columbia, South Carolina showed the film Coco Chanel + Igor Stravinsky last week and luckily, on Thursday I got a chance to attend. I’d been to the Nick before, it’s a small independent theatre with only one screen but it’s nice. For those who are of age, there is beer and wine that can be purchased, but for those who aren’t there is popcorn and candy. To be honest I totally forgot that theatres carry food and so I stuffed my face with Reese’s Pieces before. Don’t judge me.
Anyway, the movie, which runs 118 minutes, is in French. Luckily for me I know a bit of French, but I didn’t really use it that much since there were subtitles. The movie is not a “fashion documentary” per se. Actually, it’s not even a documentary as it was based on the fictional novel Coco & Igor by Chris Greenhalgh. Set in the Paris of 1920, the film traces the love tryst between coutouriere Coco Chanel and composer Igor Stavinsky. Without spilling too many of the beans, Coco Chanel becomes enraptured by Igor Stavinsky and invites him and his family to live with her since they have pretty much been exiled from France. The tryst begins and results of this come in the form of Chanel No. 5, as well as Igor Stravinsky’s new works.
While I don’t want to say more to spoil it, I will say that this film is definitely NOT suited for everyone. If there is any prude inside of you… as there is in me, parts of the film will cause you to clutch your pearls. Other than that… c’est encroyable!

"Pretty Woman, Walking Down The Street"

Label: Jonathan Saunders
Collection: Spring/Summer 2011(London)
Photographer: The Sartorialist
Even if I haven’t been blogging every show, I’ve atleast seen an image from all of them. It just so happens that when you’re juggling a job that you worked 40 hours on this week, as well as school work, and some other things… sometimes you can’t cover things like you want to. But that’s alright, even though we are well into Milan and about to step into Paris, I shall take a moment and pull us back into London, to examine Jonathan Saunders.

See the rest of my opinion as well as images from the show below the clip.

Some are inclined to believe that there is no difference between fashion weeks except for location. I don’t… and really can’t believe this. New York is commercialized. It’s about who is cool right now, and why they are cool. The reason they are cool is because everyone… well not really everyone, but the right crowd is wearing those pieces, thus they are popular. Case studies include Proenza Schouler, Alexander Wang, and finally Marc Jacobs. You can also look to Marchesa as well. In London, it’s about the concept. London designers are more apt to see their collections as pieces of art, and to create them accordingly which is why sometimes, hot names are not always the most profitable. A prime example of this, although the label has long moved from showing in London, is Alexander McQueen.
All of this being said, Scottish born designer, Jonathan Saunders understands these facts. After the graduate of Central Saint Martin’s debuted his label in London he received the Fashion Enterprise Award and the Elle Style Awards Designer of the Year. In February of 2008 Saunders moved his collection to New York. After this collection he returned to London and continued showing his collection for his namesake label there as well as coordinating the design for Pollini as Creative Director, which shows in Milan.
This latest collection shows Jonathan’s strength in print design while showing his versatility. It makes it clear to me that he could make it in New York any day, as apparently he plans to. The silhouettes of the garments give an ode to the “real woman” and to be entirely honest… I think I love her alot more than her androgynous sister. Well then again… I can wear her sister’s clothes :/

See the rest of the collection in the galleries.

In my world, we don’t need tickets…


This season is going to be a good one. By the next episode, all these pieces will be on the board. From pass experience we know it’s always an exciting game. So let’s play.


In Honor of…

Daphne Guiness entering Alexander McQueen’s Memorial Service

To not pause and reflect on the greatness that Alexander McQueen created, the industries that he transformed, and the beauty that he made.. would be a shame. Alexander McQueen to me is the quintessential designer. Looking back over my posts, my first post that delved into a collection was of McQueen’s 2008 Fall RTW collection. Sarah Jessica Parker, Daphne Guiness, Naomi Campbell, Anna Wintour, and a slew of other big time names came to pay their respects at the memorial held for Lee in London, but to me it doesn’t matter. When I found out that he had passed, it didn’t matter to me what everyone else was doing, I mourned my loss. And now, again, I will pause and reflect on what McQueen has done, who he has inspired, and who his work shall continue to inspire.

Transcending norms…

Label: Rad by Rad Hourani
Collection: Spring/Summer 2011 at New York Fashion Week
Photographer: Shannon Sinclair

There are some brands that I love but that don’t just… roll off the tongue when discussing brand favorites. Rad by Rad Hourani is one such brand. Since the first time I saw pieces from the brand, which was with 160 Grams by way of The Fashionisto, I’ve developed a deep hunger for the brand then and wanted alot more. I began to follow it loosely, understanding that there were supposedly two different lines; Rad Hourani and Rad by Rad Hourani(although I never saw a differentiation between the two).

The brand is a fave. Multi use, gender neutral, season transcendent clothing is a revolution. It represents what it essentially is: clothing to be molded and shaped by the wearer. Can I have one of every piece?

See the rest of the collection in the gallery.

Guzzle some Dari

So I don’t just like fashion. My love for fashion is actually apart of a greater love. A love for art. Because I see fashion as art, the love for fashion falls into this. Anywho, another love that falls over this is a love for music. I mean now that I have been able to find actual runway soundtracks, I’ll play those while flitting around the internet. If I tire of those I play the other music I have from artists like Beyonce, Lil Wayne, Alja Jackson, and Dari!

You guys may remember Dari from the track that he gave to Que, Shake Dat Sh*t. Well, apparently Dari will be coming out with his own mixtape/EP soon, and here are a few of the tracks that have leaked.

http://www.divshare.com/flash/audio_embed?data=YTo2OntzOjU6ImFwaUlkIjtzOjE6IjQiO3M6NjoiZmlsZUlkIjtpOjEyNTk1NzkwO3M6NDoiY29kZSI7czoxMjoiMTI1OTU3OTAtMjY3IjtzOjY6InVzZXJJZCI7aToxNjQzMDA0O3M6MTI6ImV4dGVybmFsQ2FsbCI7aToxO3M6NDoidGltZSI7aToxMjg0OTEzODEyO30=&autoplay=default“Guzzle Me” by Darihttp://www.divshare.com/flash/audio_embed?data=YTo2OntzOjU6ImFwaUlkIjtzOjE6IjQiO3M6NjoiZmlsZUlkIjtpOjEyNTk1NzkxO3M6NDoiY29kZSI7czoxMjoiMTI1OTU3OTEtNDM4IjtzOjY6InVzZXJJZCI7aToxNjQzMDA0O3M6MTI6ImV4dGVybmFsQ2FsbCI7aToxO3M6NDoidGltZSI7aToxMjg0OTEzODQxO30=&autoplay=default“Shorts” by Darihttp://www.divshare.com/flash/audio_embed?data=YTo2OntzOjU6ImFwaUlkIjtzOjE6IjQiO3M6NjoiZmlsZUlkIjtpOjEyNTk1NzkyO3M6NDoiY29kZSI7czoxMjoiMTI1OTU3OTItYmFmIjtzOjY6InVzZXJJZCI7aToxNjQzMDA0O3M6MTI6ImV4dGVybmFsQ2FsbCI7aToxO3M6NDoidGltZSI7aToxMjg0OTEzODU2O30=&autoplay=default“Smooches Remix” by Dari feat. Gucci Mane
What do you guys think?

Kickin it with the Cool Crew

You all know of my undying love for the Proenza Schouler boys. They are pretty much the epitome of fashion cool. Well for the New York scene anyway. I mean yeah Marc Jacobs is(or should I say was because Tom Ford has come back to womenswear and will be showing in NY) the golden boy of NY Fashion and the boys from Proenza Schouler are that cool artsy group. You know the group that’s so creative that everyone secretly wants to be like them or to be seen with them even if they don’t want to admit it… you know the group right? They were the drama kids on Lizzie McGuire! Oh, now you know! Anywho… yeah.. that’s Proenza Schouler.

The latest offerings from Proenza Schouler are set for a girl who has grown up. She’s no longer the rebel in her school uniform, instead she’s become a lady who lunches. Has the art history student aesthetic been lost in the transition? No! The color palette is wildly diverse and the seemingly grainy print that seems to be a signature with the brand is still there. Am I angry that there are a lack of heels on the runway? Of course I am but then again, they aren’t the only brand to not use heels this season. It’s been a trend… one that I loathe, but a trend none the less. Oh and it just so happens that the only pieces that went on sale right after the show were the shoes. My favorite of course would be the laser cut pump.

See the rest of the collection in the galleries.

"We must…Lift It"

Model: Karlie Kloss
Location: Mercedes Benz Fashion Week
Photographer: The Sartorialist
I began primping for my date at the least, an hour beforehand. I was in the car and I looked in the rearview after I had adjusted it on myself. Say what you want, but I primped. There is no way you can go out on a date with Marc(that’s what I call him sometimes) and not be at your best! Sadly, the date wasn’t in person, but it was so much a priority to me that I pulled up the feed for our date on two computers: MacQueesha, my MacBook, and Cleopatra, my sister’s desktop(Cleopatra won). Marc, being Marc, started exactly one minute after he told me he would. Ever prompt, and ever the gentleman, he allowed me to settle into my seat before ravishing me!

See the collection video as well as images and the rest of my commentary below the clip.

There are so many ways to describe this collection. Whenever I attempt to, I am at a loss for where to begin. I mean, maybe I should start with


or even,

As Andre Leon Talley so infamously put it in The September Issue,’ It’s been bleak street over here in America…My eyes are starving for beauty!’ and Marc, brought a FLOOD!

However I begin it, it always ends the same. It ends with me gushing about everything before rocking back and forth in a corner crying myself to sleep as I wonder how I can one day become one of the “cool kids”. The clothes speak for themselves…as do the hats… and the Grace Coddington inspired hair… and the exquisite floral pieces… I could go on. But I won’t… I’ll just let you feast on the goodie bags I’ve brought in.

See the rest of the collection in the gallery.

"Do Bad Things With You"



Sookie’s redeeming quality: Saving Eric Northman. I never really liked her anyway, and I thought she was SO overrated, which I now see is actually true because she has that addicting blood thing going for her. But other than that, I really wouldn’t have cared if Russell had drained her dry. Speaking of, Russell it was beyond evil for Sookie to put Talbot’s entrails in the garbage disposal. As she laughed about that, I laughed envisioning Eric doing something like that to her.

On other fronts, I’m happy for Justin… sad because I think Tara is leaving, a tad surprised by Sam, and on the fence about Lafayette and Jesus. I mean that day Lafayette started quoting scripture I knew that they were going to have him be some type of seer or magical entity but a boyfriend that’s a witch? I mean that’s cute… for him.