by Mikelle S

True Blood covers Rolling Stone
(Eric, Sookie, and Bill… you are an infatuation now!)
I was supposed to flip the blog wasn’t I? Well I was going to I really was, but your lovely blogger host has changed plans. Instead of traveling to the mountain for weekends with Tehran, Gogo, T, Dunk, and the rest of you that I will and already am missing, I will be staying here in Columbia. While that will make some overjoyed, I know others have already paused, contemplating their choices.
Today I’ve registered for classes at a carrier school. What is a carrier school you ask? A school that’s going to carry me until the other school picks me up. I’ll be going to USC for the Spring semester hopefully. A big change from Sewanee, but maybe even more fun to document… wondering whether we’re going to be gossiping here on the site? Well you already know…
There’s be a 50:50 chance.