PERSONAL: "The Show Is About To Start"

by Mikelle S

It’s about that time isn’t it? I’ve contemplated this post for a while now trying to figure out what I should write about but as you can see… you guys aren’t quite high on my list of things to do. Anywho let’s get on with it.
If you’re a vet to the blog there are a few things to introduce to you.
There’s a new tool in town. I mean, with a new year we must bring new things right? I can’t have Lily send dresses to your doorstep, or Giorgio Armani have a courier bring over a suit but… I can atleast allow you to have the posts from the blog automatically sent to your email address at your convenience. A couple of you have already done so, and sadly I don’t get to see who has but… thanks to those who already have.

And now to you newbies. You freshmen… everyone has been asking, what am I going to do about you. To tell the truth… I’m going to do nothing less than what I do to everyone else.
  • There’s a 50:50 chance that I’ll like you. Well of course if you’re wearing Ed Hardy it’s probably going to be more of a 20:80.
  • There’s a 50:50 chance that you’ll return to this blog, and that really doesn’t affect me at all.
  • There’s a 50:50 chance that you’ll like what I write about you, or anyone else who piques my interest as we revel in the glamour that is Sewanee. (See bullet two for my reaction)
Summer has been… a learning experience. So after fighting my way into and through the Columbia Fashion Industry, I’m different than before. There shall be changes, as may be evident in this post… don’t like it?? Tough luck.
XOXO… well you may not want to hug or kiss me after this semester.
p.s. I have imported all of the posts from last year… Freshmen get familiar with the players.