MAGAZINE: Fiasco #3 "The Face Issue"

by Mikelle S

Photographer: Vincent Noord, Shannon Sinclair, Vincent Noord
Cover Models: Luke Worral, Yuri Pleskun, Ash Stymest
Magazine: FIASCO Magazine “The Face Issue”
Fiasco Magazine hits their third issue with three covers that are practically flawless, if I do say so myself. Featuring Luke Worral, Ash Stymest, and 803 favorite, Yuri Pleskun as well as models such as Maddy Foord, and Magdalena Berus, the issue was definitely an impressive one. Closing at 232 pages, the online issue is HEAVY with fashion having more than 15 different editorials(I kind of just stopped counting). But, while the body copy isn’t heavy, it is still present and informative, the opener studying the essence of icon, while a few interviews delve into the heads of various industry personnel.
See the issue as well as more of our coverage below the clip.

Interview with photographer Cameron-James Wilson(p.10-11) in Fiasco Magazine’s Face issue.

The issue pretty much begins with body copy. Before our eyes are graced with any of the MANY editorials in the publication, we are confronted with interviews of MUAs, a photographer, and a PR girl. In case you were wondering, the government is not the only industry with a bit of an alphabet soup(MUA=make-up artist, PR=public relations). The first interview is with Charlotte Willer and Anita Keeling, two MUAs. Their resumes include such name notables as Vogue(various editions), Maybelline, Kate Moss, and Cate Blanchett. With their time together they discuss inspiration which for Anita happens to be her mother, and for Charlotte it happens to be the details of life. They also go on to discuss beauty tips as well as their dream canvas(face) to work on. The interview with 17 year old photographer Cameron-James Wilson from Dorchester really addresses Wilson’s youth and experience in the industry. Lastly, the chat with PR girl, Felicity Carter, sort of delves into what exactly a PR girl is and why she’s known as the “PR who never sleeps” for her work with Angel Jackson.

John Dibble interview(p.87-88) in Fiasco Magazine’s Face Issue.
After those interviews there are a slew of virtually impeccable editorials, some of my favorites being Rebel Rabbit(p 49) as well as Stood Up(p 41). Dream Girl Culture is another favorite. Editorials like this one in particular intrigue me because one looks at the pieces and they seem to be this high fashion editorial when really and truly, trekking down to the American Apparel is all you need to do. The entire issue is interesting and it’s big enough that I will undoubtedly have to flip through it again. I’m very impressed with the styling, photography and talent found within and actually can’t wait for the next issue in September to be entitled, Teen Freedom. But until then check out the issue in it’s entirety below.