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Month: August, 2010

Playing it Safe

FR Celebrities: Anna Paquin, Christina Hendricks, Dianna Agron, Elisabeth Moss
FR Designers: Alexander McQueen, Zac Posen, Carolina Herrera, DKNY
SR Celebrities: Hedi Klum, Tina Fey, Lea Michelle, Kim Kardashian
SR Designers: Marchesa, Oscar de la Renta, Oscar de la Renta, Marchesa
The 62nd Emmy awards were last night and to be entirely honest… I didn’t watch them. The only thing I actually watched was a UStream feed from backstage… and my timeline. Yes, I watched my Twitter feed and by the end of the night I had seen many of the looks from the red carpet and had discussed them with a variety of people. There were of course some trends, like the unkempt, down, messy type of hair style, as well as draped pieces, as well as some names that continuously came up like DKNY(Elisabeth Moss in image 4), Oscar de la Renta(Tina fey in image 6 and Lea Michelle in image 7), and Marchesa(Hedi Klum in image 5 and Kim Kardashian in image 8. Then again when does Marchesa not see good use on the red carpet?). Jewelry also had some names that popped up a few times like Lorraine Schwartz on Kim Kardashian as well as Tina Fey. As a whole though, my opinion on the red carpet was that it was too safe. One can take Anna Paquin in Alexander McQueen Resort 2011 accessorized with House of Lavande Jewels as an example. I mean if you’re going to go with McQueen, go MCQUEEN!! Don’t pick an ill fitted gown that is the safest McQueen piece you can find.
See our pick for what Hedi should have worn, as well as best dressed, and the latest episode of True Blood
Hedi Klum in Marchesa, Ajak Deng in Valentino Couture
NO ONE TOOK RISKS! I would have loved for someone to take a risk on the red carpet and they won’t! Why, “Because the general public won’t understand it,” SO!! Don’t watch the red carpet if you don’t understand! But that’s not even what I’m here to talk about, I wanted to discuss this cocktail dress goes to the Emmy’s phenomenon. I’m a bit perturbed at why there were dresses out on the runway that were coming above the knee and were just… dresses. I mean just because the name says Marchesa does not mean that it’s automatically red carpet worthy. I would’ve wished that Hedi had done something a little different if she was going to do something above the knee. Maybe even this beautiful piece that Ajak Deng wore for the Valentino Couture show about a month ago. Albeit the bust does look a little like the Oscar de la Renta that Kathy Griffin wore, but I mean no one would have noticed, and at worst they’d call it a trend. So Hedi, next time try to use a garment that required more than a yard of fabric for it’s making.

Dianna Agron in Carolina Herrera and Cartier.
So my best dressed of the night had to be Dianna Agron. I mean some say that the gown is too mature for her, and others say that she’s been wearing a little too much Carolina Herrera but I don’t really care. I loved it. The Victorian undertones did wonders for me, and the lace… is just to DIE for. The dress is full of long, clean lines and if she’s been wearing alot of Carolina Herrera, at least she knows what she looks good in. the look was soft to me, and yet it did hold a bit of maturity and more importantly it was a gown suited for the Emmy’s. She didn’t wear something that may or may not have been suited for a weekend out with friends like some other celebrities did. I mean, it’s not the VMA’s and with this gown, I think that is evident.

http://www.megavideo.com/v/GA8891ZTf03006956b282131a103318959039708Oh and in case you guys were unaware… I love True Blood. And since a majority of the cast was on the red carpet for the Emmy’s… and I just finished watching it, i wanted to post it for your consumption. This is episode 11 of season 3, and it’s entitled Fresh Blood. I don’t want to spoil it but I was VERY angry with Eric and the end. Not for Russell’s sake but for his own! UGH, I just can’t wait until the next episode


Miyavi’s Last Live

Tomorrow will be Miyavi’s last live from his ‘Streaming out from Tokyo’ from 12 different venues in Tokyo via Ustream for the entire world to tune in and enjoy his concerts as they happen. It truly has been an amazing journey watching every single on of them. Seeing him sing with so much emotions, having fun, almost fainting and even getting hurt. Co-Myvs (fanclub) have gotten closer together because of his music, it’s something unexplainable but we do become one. Just like the lyrics from his song ‘Futuristic Love’  “race, gender, generation, nation, culture, language, religion, history BE ONE!’

If you want to check out his live it’s at this link: http://www.ustream.tv/channel/miyavi-official

and if you want to see what I’m talking about by watching some of his previous performances, lovely Sam has helped us out by recording each stream so you can check them out here: http://il.youtube.com/user/SamJonesCSSM

"I got the POWER!"

Collection: Chanel Couture

Season: Fall 2010/Winter 2011

Photo by: MykroMag

Power. To me, that’s what Karl Lagerfeld’s entire Fall 2010/Winter 2011 Chanel Couture show came down to. An exercise and showing of raw unbridled power. I’m not sure what tipped the show over to this point… maybe it was:
  • The oversized golden lion that was front and center, and dwarfed everything else.
  • The concept to send down 63 models… just because
  • Having each individual piece dripping with exquisite jewels and gems
  • Doing all of this while knowing that you are Uncle Lagerfeld, a legend in the industry and to some a godsend, so the criticisms, if they did come would come from people like writers at Marketing Weekly. That translates into unheeded criticisms of course.
See the rest of the post below the clip.


Model: Nora von Waldstatten
Styling: Simon Rasmussen
Photographer: Simon Procter
Wearing: Chanel Couture
Publication: Qvest #42
Song: “Power” by Kanye West feat. Jay-Z and Swizz Beats
When I first viewed the collection I saw excess, pure and simple. Why did Karl need 63 looks.. and then at that why those 63. Some of them don’t even look good. For example, one particular look seemed to be a dead slimy fish with droopy scales to me. Another one… to me it resembled electric eels and all of their… ugliness. Oh, and don’t let me start on the boots. I was just so disgusted… and for 63 looks, I became more and more disgusted. Well, time went by, and although I didn’t ever like that slimy fish dress, nor the electric eel look, the boots did grow on me…a little. And once the remix to Power came out, by Kanye West featuring Jay-Z and Swizz Beats, the entire collection just clicked for me. I went back and knew exactly what I wanted to write about it.
I couldn’t believe that I saw only this power and was disgusted by it. Certain brands are powerful and because of this, every once in a while they feel the need to flex that muscle. Plus, for a Parisian brand… I should have expected this. If New York fashion is about what’s new, what’s in, who’s making the new face, Paris is very much about the legacies in the industry and the fixtures. Karl Lagerfeld and Chanel CLEARLY are fixtures in the international fashion industry so calling them dusty just because their profits were down 11% would have to come from someone outside of the industry. Unless you’re Imran Amed, and you’re studying how these older brands will eventually fail because they refuse to adapt to changing times, if you’re in the fashion industry… Chanel to you is a pioneer. I mean, as one of the brands that assisted in making the deconstruction motif what it is today, Chanel is not a brand to scoff at.

Well in case you haven’t noticed, there is a definite change in the way that I will be blogging from now on. Because I combined both blogs I feel as if now is the time to go ahead and do this. My aim is still to provide informative content but I also will add my own personal spin…. I guess like most bloggers do. You really didn’t see my face much before but… well now you may. I actually used to not like taking pictures but now I have these spells where I enjoy it, but I’m also sometimes forcing myself… Oh and yes, I am holding American Vogue, the September Issue with Halle Berry on the cover. How can you talk about power without talking about the publication that just put out a 726 page TOME? You can’t!

See the entire Chanel Collection at the 803 Gallery.

OUTTAKES: Yuri Pleskun by Shannon Sinclair

Model: Yuri Pleskun
Photographer: Shannon Sinclair
Styling: Michelle Carimpong
Grooming: Mark Anthony Edio
So you guys know how I GUSHED over Shannon Sinclair and Yuri Pleskun right? Well it would only be right for me to seek out atleast one of them right? Of course! So what did I do, I tweeted Shannon and from there we began to discuss a few things. Lucky for you guys, I return bearing fruits.
See more outtakes below the clip

These images are an outtake from an iLOVEfake shoot that Shannon conducted with Yuri. The reason I feel comfortable showing this even though I not too long ago shared an editorial from the pair is because this shows an entirely different side. The feeling, mood, and even lighting is not the same. It’s an entirely different editorial, with an entirely different point and these outtakes, to be honest, didn’t leave me in a dazed, tranquil like state but instead, my sister and I laughed, and smiled while viewing them.

If you are familiar with our Facebook, you’ve seen the editorial in it’s entirety already. You also understand that the styling, which has Yuri coming off comfortable and relaxed while still a little unorthodox, (take for example the hoodie: a hoodie, no one would blink at but this seems to be made from a trash bag of some sort… a tad off kilter) was done by Michelle Carimpong while the grooming was done by Mark Anthony Edio.


So… I just got back home from an… EVENTFUL morning. Let’s go through it.

  • Woke up at 6:30 when I’m supposed to be AT work at 5:30, and it takes 30 minutes to get there.
  • Run over Andy in the driveway with my TRUCK!
  • Find out that Andy costs $95 to replace and not the $50 I already anticipated
  • Reactivate my old buddy Zeke
  • Find that one of my debit cards is… no where to be found.
  • Finally crack the spine of Vanity Fair
  • Receive W in the mail
  • Check out Outliers from the library that has all computers and internet down.
My luck right?


Belt: Pierre Cardin Black Leather
Case: Saddler by Bosca Genuine Leather
Listening to: Soundtrack of Dior Fall Winter 2010/2011 show

So I’ve been wanting to add a personal aspect to the blog for a while. I’ve been searching for someone to do it, new writers and all that jazz. The thing is, I also run a personal blog. I didn’t want to combine them before because I was supposed to be going back to college in Sewanee, and well… my school is alot different from everywhere else. I didn’t really like the idea. Well anywho, I’m staying in Columbia now, and as I wrote a blog post on my personal blog this morning I was thinking… why not just blog on 803 as well… so here I am. Oh, and by the way, I was feeling really photogenic today, so there’s a few pictures.

See the rest of the post below the clip

With this outfit I did try a tad bit of color blocking. I had on a pair of black dress shoes when we went to church and then when my sister and I went to Rush’s I actually went a bit crazy and put on my Sorel snow boots which are black. They were really bulky and chunky, but I love walking in them. Even with my shorts I felt good and I really didn’t care if I gained any stares as we still are in South Carolina heat. I liked my outfit and so that was all that really mattered. It’s funny though that my favorite part of my outfit is the case I use to carry MacQueesha, my Mac, in.

This shot I snapped a few days ago. I still have yet to open the Lady Gaga cover of Vanity Fair. I plan on doing so this week. I am a bit perturbed/peeved that this(besides Esquire which I often forget about) is the only magazine that I’ve received thus far. With subscriptions to W, Interview, Elle, Harper’s Bazaar, and Vogue(all American versions sadly), I am expecting my mailbox to break under the weight of the hefty September issues. Since I’ve seen all of the covers I hope they will hurry along. It’s getting to the point where I am seeing editorials online and I don’t have my issues in hand.

There’s so much in my life going on right now and I’m just looking forward to it all. I hope to grow this blog in a healthy way. I want it to be known, not as a blog that just regurgitates information but that is a curator, and a pioneer in the field. What exactly w’ere going to be pioneering, I’m not sure. Maybe it will have something to do with this meeting that I have today… or maybe some things that are in the works… who knows but I hope you stick around to find out.


True Blood covers Rolling Stone
(Eric, Sookie, and Bill… you are an infatuation now!)
I was supposed to flip the blog wasn’t I? Well I was going to I really was, but your lovely blogger host has changed plans. Instead of traveling to the mountain for weekends with Tehran, Gogo, T, Dunk, and the rest of you that I will and already am missing, I will be staying here in Columbia. While that will make some overjoyed, I know others have already paused, contemplating their choices.
Today I’ve registered for classes at a carrier school. What is a carrier school you ask? A school that’s going to carry me until the other school picks me up. I’ll be going to USC for the Spring semester hopefully. A big change from Sewanee, but maybe even more fun to document… wondering whether we’re going to be gossiping here on the site? Well you already know…
There’s be a 50:50 chance.

PERSONAL: "The Show Is About To Start"

It’s about that time isn’t it? I’ve contemplated this post for a while now trying to figure out what I should write about but as you can see… you guys aren’t quite high on my list of things to do. Anywho let’s get on with it.
If you’re a vet to the blog there are a few things to introduce to you.
There’s a new tool in town. I mean, with a new year we must bring new things right? I can’t have Lily send dresses to your doorstep, or Giorgio Armani have a courier bring over a suit but… I can atleast allow you to have the posts from the blog automatically sent to your email address at your convenience. A couple of you have already done so, and sadly I don’t get to see who has but… thanks to those who already have.

And now to you newbies. You freshmen… everyone has been asking, what am I going to do about you. To tell the truth… I’m going to do nothing less than what I do to everyone else.
  • There’s a 50:50 chance that I’ll like you. Well of course if you’re wearing Ed Hardy it’s probably going to be more of a 20:80.
  • There’s a 50:50 chance that you’ll return to this blog, and that really doesn’t affect me at all.
  • There’s a 50:50 chance that you’ll like what I write about you, or anyone else who piques my interest as we revel in the glamour that is Sewanee. (See bullet two for my reaction)
Summer has been… a learning experience. So after fighting my way into and through the Columbia Fashion Industry, I’m different than before. There shall be changes, as may be evident in this post… don’t like it?? Tough luck.
XOXO… well you may not want to hug or kiss me after this semester.
p.s. I have imported all of the posts from last year… Freshmen get familiar with the players.

Fashion Designer Andre Kim dies at the age 74

It’s a huge shock to the fashion world, Korea’s renowned fashion designer Andre Kim passed away on Thursday evening (Korean time) at Seoul National University Hospital.
Born Kim Bong-nam, the son of a farmer Andre Kim died at the age of 75 (Korean age they add a year) dude to complications from pneumonia. He became the country’s first male fashion designer in 1962 by establishing “Salon Andre” at the age of 17. He also became the first Korean designer to hold a fashion show in Paris and went on to hold many international shows through the years from New York to Cairo.
Andre Kim was best known for his evening and wedding gown collections as well as combining classical designs with futuristic elements which were favored by many Korean actors and singers like Lee JunKi, f(x), Super Junior’s Siwon and many others as well as international stars including the late Michael Jackson.
Kim never married, but leaves behind an adopted son.
I myself am currently in a state of shock I was just planning on making a post about him this week, I didn’t think this would be is. He was truly one of a kind and will be missed.
Here’s some pictures of his designs. I might make another post dedicated to his creations.








Gackt’s new music video

For those who don’t know Gackt, he’s been in the music business for over a decade and is well known all over the world. He’s even going to be in an American film that was in the process of being filmed for the past year and a half. Just when you think he has come out with enough things to keep the music world talking he comes out with more and more. He was on tour recently in Europe for his Yellow Fried Chickenz (YFC) promotion. Yes like KFC but different I might make a post to explain that more in detail. But as of right now he’s back in Japan and came out with a new mv (music video) called ‘Ever‘ so enjoy~

Here’s the mv

 I don’t think he even ages just get younger looking instead and You (the guitarist on the left) is looking great also. ^.^