MUSIC: The Pretty Reckless

by Mikelle S

As I consistently look back over my stats, my most viewed post is the one I did on The Pretty Reckless. Right after that comes the one I did on Keys for the Sponsor video. Now that I think about it maybe I should start doing more music posts if that’s what you guys like. Anyway, the new The Pretty Reckless music video, Miss Nothing just came out and I decided to do an update. I’ve been getting so much information about Taylor and her band and I’ve developed so many opinions I thought that it may be time to spill it all, so first let’s discuss Miss Nothing.
Miss Nothing as a song is something that I can get into. I mean I like Taylor’s vocals because to me it kinda sounds like she’s using her voice for something it wasn’t purposed for. The lyrics are also something that I can get into. But what I can’t get into is the raccoon-esque eye liner. I mean deciding to do basically one set for the entire song and pretty much making it evident that it’s all about Taylor Momsen and having the rest of the band sit arond to be what amounts to mere props, is a personal decision but… don’t influence little girls to make themselves look as if they have two black eyes… we understand you fired your stylist to find your own aesthetic and style but… you don’t need to use the money you used to pay her to buy new eyeliner every day because you used it all the day before.
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I feel like Taylor takes so much ownership over the band “I’m with my band The Pretty Reckless!” I don’t know maybe it’s just my critical self doing what I do but I feel as if it’s being positioned as Taylor and The Pretty Reckless not just The Pretty Reckless. Anywho, I do love the band and their music. They are performing at Warped tour now. Things worked out great for Taylor because they arranged for her to be absent on Gossip Girl while the filming for the tour was occurring. Isn’t it nice to have so many things in your life going on in your life that you need to request to have a break from one so you can pursue the other?

Taylor Momsen at Warped Tour(a friend sent this to me)
From the songs that I’ve heard so far from the band, Blender is still by far my favorite. I’m not positive why, but it is. There’s not much else I want to say about them except that they are talented. I just hope that they don’t intend to coast off of Taylor’s celebrity and rebellious attitudes. I look forward to the album, and of course Jenny returning to the Upper East Side.

Really Taylor? And you’ll be 17 in like 5 days!