SPRING 2011: Raf Simons

by Mikelle S

Sooo, apologies all around. I’ve been running around town finally getting into the industry(YIPPPEEE) and in addition I’ve been doing a fair share of staring at the computer monitor wasting time(I hear your boos I hear them well) and so my posting of the menswear shows, Paris and Milan, has been thrown off. I’ve decided to go in a different direction so I’m going to post but you may notice that it’s not so much me trying to post the shows just to post the shows, but instead, I’m posting them for a bit of reflection.

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I’ve been a fan of Raf Simons for a little while now. If I’m not mistaken I’ve read my fair share of interviews and articles about him. To attempt to spout off random facts like any paid journalist would do would frankly cause me to sit and think about the past when I clearly should be looking into the future, into Summer/Spring 2011 and what the line will bring us. Especially in terms of the diversity of cut for the male bottom while not betraying the clean and precise aesthetic that is Raf Simons.

This collection applies color sparingly, but when it does it is nothing short of beautiful. Well in a masculine way… you know what I’m saying. I personally couldn’t get over the pants and shorts though. At one point I was questioning whether I was looking at shorts, a skirt… or worse, it’s inbred cousin, a SKORT! After that I was peering at what seemed to be runners shorts… which I’ve seen on one too many bike riders out on the mountain during the school year. The silhouette of the belted jacket was familiar to me although it does seem to have a tad bit more relaxation than pass collections, but what really struck me was the larger than elephant trunk pants… I want every pair! Some are the same color?? I don’t care send them ALL!

Oh and fellow blogger, Marcus Mason from Confessions of a Fashion Addict just tweeted about going to the medical uniform store and buying doctors shirts because he can’t afford Raf or Prada… I’ll be RIGHT behind ya.

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