PERSONAL: Dancing Buffoons

by Mikelle S

So I’m sorry guys… I haven’t been around but I think that I’ve been justly absent. I’ll explain everything as we go along kay? Kay! There was something I wanted to announce before…. OOOH now I remember. I now have a TUMBLR!! Woot woot! Well I’m not really sure if it’s a woot woot. That means I have one other gadget to update and develop an avenue for when I have enough… ugh! Anyway it’s called WhisperingMcQueen. This one happens to be a personal one. The background chosen wasn’t the one I’d decided on but was a second choice. I lost the one I had decided on and was frankly too lazy to go back and find it… so suck on that! Anywho, go follow me… and let’s see what we can stumble upon.

Let’s see, first thing to talk about is the Charlotte Fashion Week Casting and accompanying Industry Mixer. I went to that… I think it was last week. The event happened on a Thursday so I drove up there and checked into my hotel. After throwing on my go-to summer outfit(it conveys a sense of I’m fashionable but I’m definitely NOT trying to hard) I made my way down to Loft 1523. The space was nice, and I realized pretty quickly that every model in Charlotte, along with some from Atlanta and Columbia, had come out for the casting. It took 2 hours for all the models to walk, and afterwards there was a little mixer where I met a few designers and, Andre Jarrid, a stylist who has an internship in Manhattan later this summer. Anyway I came away from the experience with a few contacts and a distinct taste for some of the players in the Charlotte industry.
On Friday I drove all the way home and hurriedly attempted to get a look together for my sister. I fell into bed around midnight having secured, her hair, dress, and accessories. For the dress, a designer friend allowed me to pull a garment 🙂 Anyway we woke up the next morning and drove to Atlanta. After taking an 11:30 dance class at Dance 411(there wasn’t a lot of energy in the class, it seemed a lot like people were taking it to lose weight. On top of that they double charged me and still haven’t paid me back…) we checked into the hotel. Our meal was at an Asian buffet and then we finally went to Reco Chapple’s show.
Entitled “Weekend at the Hamptons” the show gave me a very resort-ish vibe, maybe it was the searsucker… Anyway, the MF Room was GORGEOUS, and the crowd, from what I could tell, seemed to be up and comers. I won’t say that we graced the presence of the A or even the B list but I will say this, I stood inches away from Mychael Knight. Jealous?? Thought so. Alas, I became a bumbling IDIOT at first sight. Some kind of way I mustered the courage to introduce myself and well… Let me illustrate for you what happened.
Bumbling Buffoon: Excuse-Excuse me,
(Mychael Knight turns around)
Bumbling Buffoon: Are you MykeCheque?
Mychael Knight: (Eyebrow raises) What?
Bumbling Buffoon: You were on Project Runway right, I loved your work!
Mychael Knight: Thank you, but my name is Mychael Knight.
Bumbling Buffoon: (realizes the buffoonery of his speech and attempts to save) Yeah, no, I know, but… your name is MykeCheque on Twitter though right?
So not only do I look like an idiot, I look like an idiot who has no life and that lives in cyberspace… and worse, a FAKE FAN! Oh the levels of stupid I felt can not be thoroughly explained. Anywho, after that was the show, and my sister, dressed in Alana B. Couture, and I, took a few pictures before running out. I’m sure I had more to say but I’m about to go apply for a job at Sid and Nancy… WISH ME LUCK!