SPRING 2011: Alexander McQueen

by Mikelle S

I wasn’t sure how in fact I would go about blogging Alexander McQueen. I mean the line must continue, but I just wasn’t sure how I would take this. I will attempt to do all I can to write as accurately about my feelings as possible while staying intelligible. Seeing the collection, I immediately thought, where is Alexander? Where is the actual Pomp and Circumstance that this show is entitled for. Besides of course in the jacket pictured above and the shorts pictured a few photos below. I was immediately angered, what are they doing with the McQueen brand. And then I went back over the collection, more carefully. I remembered that we loved Lee not only for his spectacular theatrics, for his over the top artistic ability, but also his technical skill. The fact that even with the famed “armadillo heels” he created, he still could wow us with technique alone, the fold of a dress, the tension created with the various lines. Viewing the collection again with this in mind, not only did every piece become an instant favorite, I finally understood the Pomp and Circumstance.

See the rest of the collection below.