PERSONAL: Updates all around

by Mikelle S

Sooo… I was messing around on the Internet after completely destroying my meticulous layout from the School Term and I found this one. I actually LOVE argyle, it’s kind of one of those things that at times I’m a tad guilty to admit. Anyway, I’ve decided that I shouldn’t care and that I don’t NEED to be this edgy… savvy person all the time. Sometimes I can just relax into things I like. So while that does mean that I’ve been PORING over the latest issues of Private that I can get my hands on, and FEIGNING for Gossip Girl. Hopefully it won’t mean that I’m losing readership. Although, my LACK of posting may have done that all on it’s own.

There’s a reason I haven’t been posting though. In addition to taking photos like the ones above, I’ve been actually working… sometimes. I mean I have 3 internships right now… it was 4 but we’re going to get to that. So I kind of should be working all the time but I still find time to slack off! Anyways, let’s get into these new affiliations I have!

First off, I’m writing over at Front Row View. Front Row View is a blog and a magazine. They have affiliations with Net-a-Porter, Jaeger, and French Connection as well as other companies. I’m really excited about them. I have to blog twice weekly over there, and the plan is one on Tuesday and one Thursday. Just so it’s on a consistent basis and I have a schedule to make myself do it… I’m already late though because I haven’t done my Thursday one for this week though. Also I was told I might have a chance to write for the next issue of the magazine… STOKED!

Secondly I intern over at the Style Hop Blog. Style Hop is a business that uses various tactics to translate consumer action online, into data that they can use to find out what the consumers want to buy. Whereas with FRV I’m a writer, I’m the video intern at SH. I did my first video and got not so good feedback. I’m not sure if I have to rerecord but… we’ll see. I already get the feeling that my boss wants things a specific way as in she wants to do the videos but doesn’t have the time so I just need to do exactly what she would do if she was doing the video.

So, my last internship… which was actually the first one I got, is with FFS Model and Talent. The parent company of this organization is Fortress Fashion Shows. FFS plans events. In addition to that there is a boutique that operates strictly online now, that is in the FFS umbrella. It’s called 5th and Glam. FFS MATA is a model and talent agency based here in Columbia, SC. I think we have model talent here in SC as well as in GA and NC. As of my knowledge we only have one music talent on our roster, but he could model as well. I think he may be a tad short though as I’ve only seen him in pictures.

My Mother didn’t understand the camera part so I was showing her.

Anywho… I think I had more that I wanted to say but I have a COUPLE of thing to do before I go to sleep so ciao bellas!!