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Month: June, 2010

Miyavi US Tour Coming to an End

I know you guys have heard me mention Miyavi and his first American Tour, he just finished rocking out in D.C so he’s resting and will be doing his last 3 cities one concert in ATL and then the other two in Texas. I can’t wait to see how he rocks out ATL tomorrow night.

Here’s some footage from when he was in CA, enjoy~

PERSONAL: Run and Tell That

The way things happen… it’s funny. It really is. I rarely delve into ultra personal things on this blog but… I mean it’s fashion/internship related of course. And well… the blog was the main cause of it. Sooo, let’s talk about something.

As you may know I blogged about the UK Models show last night. Well in the post I said one line in particular that I frankly didn’t think twice about:

If I have any regrets, they will be locked tightly in Ken

This was said in reference to me turning down the internship at UK and persuing the assortment of internships I currently have. Anywho, so I blog, and then sleep. I wake up and eventually make it to my meeting with my boss, Alicia Zeigler. She wants to meet early and something is nagging at me but I think, no, no, no. It’s fine. I don’t leave my PR face at home though, just in case.
Anyway, so Panera is the scene, and I’m slowly being asked to hand over files, and receipts. My body knows it because my brain functions the same way. I realize that something is wrong. I’m being disconnected. And then after a few words I am released from my internship at FFS Model and Talent. PR face is immediately put on. The only thing I want to do is be out, to be done with it.
Let me explain. I’m a college student. I now have no job and currently no fashion internship besides blogs. I’ve just been released within a month of starting my first internship. This all reflects badly on me. The stickler is that the decision came down from on high, because of this blog. Because of that quote. My feelings about it will stay reserved. Did I attempt to explain, no. Why, because if an explanation would have been helpful, one would have been asked. Apparently a collection of people contacted Alicia about that line. The PR damage was done and irreparable.
I only have this to say in closing. If my word holds that much weight. If you hang on each letter I type, ready to act on them. I have a few more for you. I need a job. I write, I file, I assist, I manage, and plan events. I’m a hard worker, and I’m innovative. Fashion is my industry of choice but really, anything will do at this point. I’m available for consulting as well as runway coaching and I can be paid as a freelance, or as a staff member. Now run and tell that.
The sad part is, this probably won’t get as far.

PERSONAL: Meeting Columbia Fashion Royalty

My accessories for the night

So if you follow my tweets, or keep up with blog posts here, you may have noticed that I kept mentioning a fashion show that I would be attending. Well I attended and I’m back to tell the tale 🙂 The picture above is one of me modeling what I love to take pictures of after going to events, my accessories. I do need to add to my accessory collection but… that’s griping for another day. Plus it’s late… and there are meetings and internships to complete in the morning. On to the Designer Debut Showcase put on by UK Models.

Goody Bag from Designer Debut Showcase by UK Models

I was made of UK Models during my internship searching phase. Although I was offered an internship I turned it down in favor of the assortment I now have. [edited] I turned down the internship humbly and graciously in hopes of not burning bridges because I really respect the women behind the agency. Look what it’s gotten me… a goody bag! Oh wait do you know what that means?? Oh, I didn’t snap a picture of my front row seat with my name on it… sorry. (That means I was VIP for those not well versed in Fashion Show Seating 101)

The Goods inside the Bag from the Designer Debut Showcase by UK Models

Anywho, down to the actual event. It was at the Marriott downtown. I ditched the $10 valet in favor of parking my own car(uhm… college student here!) before finding the actual ballroom. I told the girl working the door my name, which she recognized and I showed myself in and to my seat. I arrived at about 7 and the show started at about 7:30, so not terribly long of a wait. Plus, I bopped around meeting new people like Teowonna(a political/current events blogger who was just back from a convention in DC), saying hi to associates like Marquis Bias and Jai Marshall(Jai is the fashion blogger behind The Fat and Skinny blog), while meeting people that up until today I had only known through Twitter, like Ashleigh Armstrong(PR Girl who also happens to be Marquis’s VP for the Fashion Board).

Indira’s Designs at the Designer Debut Showcase by UK Models

The showcase was divided up into three parts, the first one being designs by Indira. Don’t critique my video skills too quickly. I decided mid-show to switch to video and then I was kind of, not looking at the screen but in real life. I’ll get better. After Indira showed, the S.C. Exotic Creations line was shown. The designer of that line is Shafeka C. Carter. Afterwards was an intermission before my personal favorite of the night was shown, Signature. The designer, who’s name I got from Keisha from UK Models, is Anthony and sadly couldn’t be present. That’s a good thing for him because I was prepared to badger him until he let me take pieces home then. Last was an extensive selection of pieces from White House Black Market.

My notables:

  • Indira – Look one, I remembered I liked. Sadly, I didn’t capture it on camera. It was kinda like I looked up and said ooohh I likey, wait camera. When I was ready, she was gone. The only other one that stands out to me is the singular little boy. The white pants and button down shirt with the t-shirt underneath. It was surprisingly well down and it’s sad because it was the only one for guys but it looked really well done. I’d be interested in seeing more pieces for guys and more pieces for teens.
  • S.C. Exotic Creations – To be completely honest, I’d seen pieces from this collection when I did backstage work for Alana B. Couture last year. Now I’m not sure if it’s because I was younger and not as exposed but I do remember being alot more impressed by the pieces I saw then than the ones I saw today. That being said, there were these large geometric, silver earrings that came out that I took a liking to. I wanted to pull them off the model as she got to the end of the runway for a photoshoot concept I have. Hopefully the designer will just lend them though.
  • Signature – All I remember thinking was… how can I put that in a photoshoot, what concept can I build around it. And it happened piece after piece. First look out, I wanted it. It was so natural, so effortless, very… earthy like fire to me. Soo elemental. I think that I liked and respected this designer so much because he was the only one that I saw that went for it. Sometimes it worked and sometimes… like with the white jacket piece it didn’t quite strike my fancy. But I still respected him because he had the wherewithal to go for it.
  • White House Black Market – They are a household name. Who am I to judge? Lol

SS11: Hermes

Relaxed, light, supple, fresh. Those are all the terms that came time mind as I went through the Hermes summer/spring 2011 collection. Maybe it was the white, or just the relaxed nature of the cardigans, open shirts, and just the movement of the garments in general, I don’t know. I felt that minty taste in my mouth after viewing the collection, like I’d just been cleansed, I’d just been refreshed, and all from scanning the looks.

See the rest of the collection and more coverage under the clip.
Color is used, but again it’s used sparingly. I believe I can detect another elephant trunk leg usage but this time it’s not as evident. Whereas Raf Simons utilized material that would make the leg evident, and in some cases some could even call it imposing, Veronique Nichanian over at Hermes made sure that even the leg was relaxed. And it’s funny that I don’t feel like it’s alot of lost material. It enhances the look.

See the rest of the collection here.

SS11: Lanvin

Alber Ebaz and Lucas Ossendrijver have my favorite men’s collection for summer/spring 2011 so far, hands DOWN!! In Paris, muscles are out, and at Lanvin statement pieces for men are in… and they are SOOOOO IN! Lanvin is talking neutrality, bright colors, prints, draping, bags… ugh, I want it ALL! Even thought my dancer thighs and calves may not fit… I still want it ALL! This nomadic/gypsy vibe that I’m getting for the collection… gives me all I want, need, and desire!
See the rest of the collection, and more coverage below.
I’m not even sure where to begin. I’ve been a fan of Alber, and to be completely transparent with you I’d never heard of Lucas Ossendrijver. Do I feel jipped?? Of course. Does that mean I’m going to be reading things more carefully… you bet! This collection has everything that I’m looking for while not ever addressing the things that I have mentioned that I’m looking for. I said I want white pieces and there’s no white, but there’s still color. The pops of color aren’t just loud pops though, they seem to have been muted just the right amount to make them pieces that will get noticed but at the same time, they aren’t gaudy in the least.

See the rest of the collection here.

SS11: Thom Browne

Thom Browne…Thom, Thom, Thom. So I’m flicking through the pictures and I think… Why do I get clownish vibes? And then I know, it’s the lips. Everyone else may laud it as chic, as pushing boundaries. Oh, they bring out the shades, which are feminine and an entirely different paragraph in their own right. A million excuses can be made, but to me we have entered into a zone with the lips that has pushed past art and is… frankly clownish. The gold streak in the hair, fine… I actually loved it, but the lips… it was a bit much for me.

See more coverage and more of the collection below.

But I continued to flick and the next thing I thought was… Miu Miu for men!!! WOOT! Now, it’s bad that the part I see as good is good because it’s a man’s take on a collection that was already done but, I don’t really care. I LOVE that collection and so there’s really no surprise that I love this one as well. If only I were the male version of Tavi, I would try to get my hands on that suit and photograph myself, EVERYWHERE, and send it to EVERYONE. I would become a model. Because I thought that I was fit to be a model, no just because I wouldn’t want to let someone else into the suit… that’s how much I love it.

I will admit, the cut of the sleeves surprised me a little. During my upbringing my father would quickly have thrown a suit out had the sleeves fit like that on me. “That jacket is too small for you boy. That’s how it was made?? People aren’t going to know that they are just going to say you have a jacket on that’s 2 years too small!” I can hear him now. As I look at it more closely though, the jacket brings more attention to the pieces that men have taken pride in for so long but haven’t been able to showcase. Our cufflinks are sometimes hidden by our jacket sleeves, the richness of our shirts and the quality therein suffer the same fate. With this new cut, that will never happen again. Of course, if you buy the accompanying shorts, you can’t be afraid to bare your knees.

SPRING 2011: Dior Homme

The jacket above is my FAVORITE piece of the entire collection. Maybe it’s because I was obsessed with Batman and his cape when I was younger, maybe it had something to do with me always loving to put on a robe and running through the house to watch it billow behind me(don’t tell people that before I had a robe I was doing it with a sheet). That actually reminds me of those days when my grandmother would sew things for me. She’s teaching me how to sew currently… but I haven’t gone over for my second lesson(don’t tell anyone!). This simple garment brings all that to mind with it’s fluidity and yet at the same time it’s structured lapels. Oh I LOVE… to me, it’s Dior Homme at it’s finest.

See more coverage and more of the collection under the clip
Other than that though… Dior Homme was mediocre. It seems that they shall continue with the “All Black Everything” trend even through Spring of 2011. I am not saying that I hate the idea, but I would encourage them to at least come out with a couple of other colors. I believe an associate of mine, Marquis Bias(stylist/president of the Fashion Board in Columbia), said it best… I’m kind of over the monochromatic color palettes when they come in the noir variety. That being said, had this entire collection been done in white, I think I would have NO problems with a monochromatic scheme.
I do love the minimal detailing on the pieces though. It does make them pop. One detail that I didn’t particularly like though… were the shoe/sandal things. They were just not my cup of tea. when I first saw them my mind juxtaposed them with a rain boot, that had crisscross detailing. It was beautiful. Is it sad that my brain automatically substituted them for something else, yes… is that a sign… probably so. The design just seems to take the whole wearing socks with sandals thing to another level that I presently can’t deal with.

See the rest of the collection here.

SPRING 2011: Raf Simons

Sooo, apologies all around. I’ve been running around town finally getting into the industry(YIPPPEEE) and in addition I’ve been doing a fair share of staring at the computer monitor wasting time(I hear your boos I hear them well) and so my posting of the menswear shows, Paris and Milan, has been thrown off. I’ve decided to go in a different direction so I’m going to post but you may notice that it’s not so much me trying to post the shows just to post the shows, but instead, I’m posting them for a bit of reflection.

See the rest of the coverage and more of the collection

I’ve been a fan of Raf Simons for a little while now. If I’m not mistaken I’ve read my fair share of interviews and articles about him. To attempt to spout off random facts like any paid journalist would do would frankly cause me to sit and think about the past when I clearly should be looking into the future, into Summer/Spring 2011 and what the line will bring us. Especially in terms of the diversity of cut for the male bottom while not betraying the clean and precise aesthetic that is Raf Simons.

This collection applies color sparingly, but when it does it is nothing short of beautiful. Well in a masculine way… you know what I’m saying. I personally couldn’t get over the pants and shorts though. At one point I was questioning whether I was looking at shorts, a skirt… or worse, it’s inbred cousin, a SKORT! After that I was peering at what seemed to be runners shorts… which I’ve seen on one too many bike riders out on the mountain during the school year. The silhouette of the belted jacket was familiar to me although it does seem to have a tad bit more relaxation than pass collections, but what really struck me was the larger than elephant trunk pants… I want every pair! Some are the same color?? I don’t care send them ALL!

Oh and fellow blogger, Marcus Mason from Confessions of a Fashion Addict just tweeted about going to the medical uniform store and buying doctors shirts because he can’t afford Raf or Prada… I’ll be RIGHT behind ya.

See the rest of the collection here.

PERSONAL: Dancing Buffoons

So I’m sorry guys… I haven’t been around but I think that I’ve been justly absent. I’ll explain everything as we go along kay? Kay! There was something I wanted to announce before…. OOOH now I remember. I now have a TUMBLR!! Woot woot! Well I’m not really sure if it’s a woot woot. That means I have one other gadget to update and develop an avenue for when I have enough… ugh! Anyway it’s called WhisperingMcQueen. This one happens to be a personal one. The background chosen wasn’t the one I’d decided on but was a second choice. I lost the one I had decided on and was frankly too lazy to go back and find it… so suck on that! Anywho, go follow me… and let’s see what we can stumble upon.

Let’s see, first thing to talk about is the Charlotte Fashion Week Casting and accompanying Industry Mixer. I went to that… I think it was last week. The event happened on a Thursday so I drove up there and checked into my hotel. After throwing on my go-to summer outfit(it conveys a sense of I’m fashionable but I’m definitely NOT trying to hard) I made my way down to Loft 1523. The space was nice, and I realized pretty quickly that every model in Charlotte, along with some from Atlanta and Columbia, had come out for the casting. It took 2 hours for all the models to walk, and afterwards there was a little mixer where I met a few designers and, Andre Jarrid, a stylist who has an internship in Manhattan later this summer. Anyway I came away from the experience with a few contacts and a distinct taste for some of the players in the Charlotte industry.
On Friday I drove all the way home and hurriedly attempted to get a look together for my sister. I fell into bed around midnight having secured, her hair, dress, and accessories. For the dress, a designer friend allowed me to pull a garment 🙂 Anyway we woke up the next morning and drove to Atlanta. After taking an 11:30 dance class at Dance 411(there wasn’t a lot of energy in the class, it seemed a lot like people were taking it to lose weight. On top of that they double charged me and still haven’t paid me back…) we checked into the hotel. Our meal was at an Asian buffet and then we finally went to Reco Chapple’s show.
Entitled “Weekend at the Hamptons” the show gave me a very resort-ish vibe, maybe it was the searsucker… Anyway, the MF Room was GORGEOUS, and the crowd, from what I could tell, seemed to be up and comers. I won’t say that we graced the presence of the A or even the B list but I will say this, I stood inches away from Mychael Knight. Jealous?? Thought so. Alas, I became a bumbling IDIOT at first sight. Some kind of way I mustered the courage to introduce myself and well… Let me illustrate for you what happened.
Bumbling Buffoon: Excuse-Excuse me,
(Mychael Knight turns around)
Bumbling Buffoon: Are you MykeCheque?
Mychael Knight: (Eyebrow raises) What?
Bumbling Buffoon: You were on Project Runway right, I loved your work!
Mychael Knight: Thank you, but my name is Mychael Knight.
Bumbling Buffoon: (realizes the buffoonery of his speech and attempts to save) Yeah, no, I know, but… your name is MykeCheque on Twitter though right?
So not only do I look like an idiot, I look like an idiot who has no life and that lives in cyberspace… and worse, a FAKE FAN! Oh the levels of stupid I felt can not be thoroughly explained. Anywho, after that was the show, and my sister, dressed in Alana B. Couture, and I, took a few pictures before running out. I’m sure I had more to say but I’m about to go apply for a job at Sid and Nancy… WISH ME LUCK!

EDITORIAL: Crisis of Fashion

I saw part of this editorial a little while back and I knew I had to post it so I immediately starred it. When the time came, I did my prerequisite quick search for information and I didn’t find much. One website listed the location as Cigar Moda and after going back over some information and checking out an extended version of the editorial, I think that the shoot may be for Cigar Magazine. I’m not positive but Al Giga has done work for them before.

See the rest of the collection below the clip

Models: Paraskevus Boubourakas, Melissa Bell

Photographer: Dimitris Skoulos

Stylist: Al Giga(Larapixie)
Make up: Yiannis Marketakis