DESIGNER: 20/20 Partial Launch

by Mikelle S

THEY ARE FINALLY HERE!! Well, some of them atleast. Yesterday Coco and Breezy posted 8 items from their new line 20/20. They also hosted a UStream where they played the audio for the story line of their new website and allowed one of their friends who was in the house with them to actually see the website. While I couldn’t see the screen clearly through the shades that Coco had on, we do know by the conversation that was taking place that there is animation, and the friend seemed pretty impressed. That only heightens my excitement for them.

The rest of the collection will be released with the launch of the new website with items such as the studded mask and that necklace that I’m craving but for now you can head on over to their website and click “20/20 collection”(or go to page 2) and view some of my personal favorites, Egyptian, Andrex, and Evolution. The price range starts at $70.20 and goes up to $220.20.