by Mikelle S


Ohkay ohkay, do not KILL me because I haven’t been blogging about Gossip Girl all the time like I’m supposed to be. But we’re about to dish about the next episode right now so go up above and watch the last episode so I don’t spoil anything for you. Well I may spoil things but if you don’t want that to happen… STOP READING NOW! I’m not even sure where all i’m going with this post but I haven’t been writing about the UES in FOREVER so we’re just going to talk… come sit down at the table my darlings.

Sit down under the clip

So if you’re a regular you know I LOVE Georgina! I’ve been asking for her return and then when I got word of her return I’ve been checking everything I can to find out when she’ll be here. Every time any one has needed a master plan I bypass Blair Waldorf and Chuck Bass and think BRING BACK G!! She’ll do it magnificently! Well during the episode last night when Nate was explaining things to B’s new boy toy, I knew that G would be around soon. And then the previews for the finale came up and showed that our new blonde G was back on the UES in a fashion much like Serena’s first entrance in the first episode. And from what I’ve gathered, she’s coming in the need of help. Whereas this isn’t the entrance that I was dreaming of, I’ll take what I can get.

And what is this?? Our Jenny saying Au Revoir? Yes yes yes, i’ve known for a while that J would be taking a very long break from the show due to a few factors one being her upcoming tour with her band Pretty Reckless. Their debut single will be coming out soon. Anyways back on the UES, yes yes yes, the finale will see Jenny leaving us. For what, we’re not sure and the reason.. is still unclear. There is so much to dish about that may culminate into her leaving. For example word is that our lovely N will meet his end this episode. We found him in a horrible place after his talk with S on the phone at the end of the previous episode and from what I hear a certain Gossip Girl blast will go out about S and Dan that’s not going to make N or Vanessa any better. And B has a heart-to-heart well in her way. You know that infamous Blair take down type of way.

I feel like I may have dropped more than I meant to and there’s alot more but I just want the episode to get here already! No more secret dropping, now we twiddle our thumbs and check our text messages every 30 seconds until the blast comes through marking the start of the finale. See you there 🙂