MAGAZINE: Vanity Teen #8

by Mikelle S

So I’ve talked about Vanity Teen before, so this will be the second time blogging about it. This blog is about issue number 8 that came out earlier today. It may be a tad sad that I actually screamed when I saw the Facebook message but I don’t think you quite understand how much I love fashion. Anyways this issue unlike the other isn’t all male models. There are some females interspersed among the 6 editorials that make up majority of the magazine. You will need to make sure to pay close attention though because some of the guys have the androgynous looks going on.

See the rest of our coverage and flip through the issue below the clip.

Rocking Billionaire’s Boy Club, Doc Martens, Burberry and Lanvin Willy from Success plays around on the floor for Rosa Rendl. In the second editorial of the issue Vanity Teen offers up “It’s like I like you”. Long hair done by Chloe Mzimba using Mac and a mostly dark color palette styled by Sharmon Luck, the editorial strikes my fancy. In ways it’s very relaxed.

Irene de Santis utilizes La Perla, Dondup, and a couple of vintage pieces to give Vika from Women a high fashion yet still very relaxed look. Many times with editorials of this nature, models may seem overstyled but in this one, this is not the case. Vila certainly knows how to create the lines and angles for the shoot that optimizes volume.