EVENT: Wherefore Exhibit

by Mikelle S

So I’ve been considering for a while changing up the blog a little bit, and I’ve finally decided to do it. I will be blogging more from a personal way as well as the way that I have been blogging up until now. For example, events that I attend or places that I visit may be posted on here from now on. Before I was going to post it over at my other blog but, I’ve decided that if these events go with the other things we provide here on 803, there’s no need to seperate it. Also it should provide you guys with a personal touch that I hope you’ll like. The first post like the direction that I want to go in was the one about Nightmare on Elm Street, and the second will be this one about the art exhibit Wherefore, that I saw about a month ago. (Please don’t hate me too much for my pictures. They are from my phone)

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Wherefore is the senior art exhibit here at my school. All the art majors have to get together and create the exhibit as part of their comprehensive exam. They must also give talks, three of which were at the opening, which I attended and the other three which will more than likely be at the closing. I did get an opportunity to sit down with one of the artists to get more of an insight into her head and how she went about creating her portion of the show(look out for a post about her specifically) and I did ask two of the other artists for statements.

Subjects varied greatly. Allison Kendrick, a friend who minored in Political Science, set out to make a statement with her work, using mostly black and white for her photography and employing a technique that I only briefly remember her explaining. A strong supporter of Invisible Children, Allison did some pieces that focused on civil rights while others that had significance to her. This particular piece featured above was composed of various stamps featuring the various people that assisted the first African American president. She was showing an ode to everyone’s shoulders that he had to stand on to get to the point at which he’d arrived. Out of all the components, it was Allison’s that almost brought me to tears.

Lacy Morrison on the other hand presented work that studied college life. She embarked on a mission that saw her taking various pictures while she was out on the night scene here on the mountain. She put the pictures capturing the chaos of the college party scene against ones she took of the order of academia. The work like Allison’s was also one of self reflection while also attempting to show a broader message. In her talk she spoke of how our environment affected those with in it. How the pristine lab environment elicited one response while the chaotic environment of the frat house elicited another.

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