MOVIE: Nightmare on Elmstreet

by Mikelle S

So last night my friends drug me off to Chattanooga for a night in town. We went to Chili’s where I had a really good Santa Fe Chicken Wrap, fries, and my customary glass of water with lemon and no ice. After about atleast an hour there we made our way to RAVE and into the almost packed theatre. I will tell you now, I do NOT like scary movies. I’ve always just had this thing… IDK maybe the fact that they are made to be scary is too much for me. Anyways after the required vocal rating of every preview that flashed across the screen, the movie began.

See the preview and more of my opinion under the clip

I’m going to try and say my opinion without spoiling too much. Ohkay, so I will say I was a little scared. Ohkay I was maybe a little more than a teensy bit scared. I will say though that the movie was predictable at a few points. Then again most scary movies are atleast a teensy bit predictable. Since I haven’t ever seen a Freddy Krueger film I’m not sure if this holds true to the movies that came before this one. There were a few little twists and the cinematography was alright. There were only two special effects parts that I didn’t like but all in all I would encourage you to go rent it when it comes out on NetFlix.