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Month: May, 2010

SHOW PACKAGE: Ford Brazil Men SS11

So, as we gear up for the Mens’ Fashion Weeks the show packages are surfacing more and more. I’ve been holding on to this one as well and have only just posted it. Ford is no doubt one of my favorite “mainstream” agencies(I’m not sure if I should say mainstream or major), and so I’m ecstatic to be able to see the roster for the upcoming seasons. Whereas the only models of color I spot are Brazilian, I find myself not surprised and only mildly disappointed. So is the diversity problem one on the agency’s hands?

See the show package below the clip

Whereas I won’t lie and say I love every face on the roster(there’s just this thing about Jesus Luz that leaves a bad taste in my mouth) I won’t deny that it’s an amazing one. Some of the photos are from the newly debuted Made In Brazil magazine, and I’m excited to see that the publication has been embraced heartily by the industry. I follow the accompanying blog and if I could would purchase a subscription to the magazine… sadly though, I operate on a college student’s budget so international magazines are a tad out of my reach. Anyway I’m excited to see who gets cast this season.


SHOWPACKAGE: Nathalie Mens SS 2011

Sooo… show packages are something that I’ve always loved to look at but I’ve never posted. There’s a few reason that they’ve never been posted… one because I wasn’t quite sure how to post them and secondly because of our 4 picture guideline would be definitely overruled. Well after considering it some more I feel like show packages are a way to make sure that you can begin to become familiar with the models as actual people in the industry and not just animated hangers. A show package can show us many things including new faces and trends in agency castings. Lastly, I also like these castings because to me they give the agency a sort of personality depending on how they decide to present their models.

See Nathalie Mens‘ show package(sadly because of the way I downloaded the pictures, they don’t get bigger… I’ll try to remedy this for the next packages).
Of course I’ve gone through and picked out my favorites and some of the models look a tad familiar to me. One that stands out of course is Shaun Ross. I think I first spotted him over at the Jak and Jill blog in Stevie Boi shades, and then because his name seemed to be in the online fashion circles I run in, I did a bit of digging. The albino model has his own blog and will be the first albino model of my knowledge that will walk in Europe if he gets cast this season. I hope that he will.

REVIEW: "The Infiltration" by Keys

Cover Art for Keys mixtape, The Infiltration
So, there hasn’t been much posting going on but hopefully things have been put in place that will compensate for that. Anyway, while at first I was waiting for some questions to be answered by Keys, the artist of YouTube fame who has just recently dropped her debut mixtape, I’ve decided to go ahead and do my formal review of The Infiltration. And really in truly, after listening to the mixtape as many times as I have(I’ve even gone so far as to burn it onto a CD so I can listen in the truck) one can clearly see that “Keys is here, The Infiltration has begun Michelle… The Infiltration has begun…”


See our review below the clip

A mixtape of 17 tracks without any collaborations, besides the addition of the audio of three different YouTube videos, The Infiltration serves sort of like an announcement to the industry. With tracks like Four, I Am, and Radio, Keys makes it clear what she’s coming into the industry to do. Citing predecessors like KRS-One and Lauryn Hill Keys stays true to statements she’s made about going back to what she lauds as “real hip hop.” She even goes so far to tiptoe around the fact that her music won’t be for everyone; that it has a depth, and requires an intellect that those into the frivolous raps like “Bottle of Chris on that, Gucci this, Louis purse,” won’t be able to get into her rhymes but she’s not into the industry for them.
She also basically sends out a proclamation in tracks like Aint Over, Hit Em, Butterflies and Bellies, as well as Ether that some of the people in the industry will need to be ousted. Tracks like this make up the meat of the mixtape and hold within a confrontational tone. The difference is that it’s not because of their success but instead because they have “set us back.” She begins to reveal their faults in an attempt to cleanse the industry. For anything to get better there has to be a cleansing in of the old before bringing in the new.
Other tracks like Sponsor also hold life lessons and show that Keys is really and truthfully does have morals and that it’s not a front. In the song she shows how at first she was looking for a “sponsor” and after a while she sees that it’s not all that it’s cracked up to be. She finds that her intelligence is detrimental in this situation and finally she finds that she should just sponsor herself and find the right man for herself.
All in all, the mixtape has a wonderful storyline and a very direct message. My only detraction is that I would have hoped that there would be little to no mention of Nicki Minaj(the actual Nicki Diss didn’t make the mixtape). I felt that there were a little to many allusions to her but other than that I really feel like it was a good project. While at the offset it was for purchase, you can now download the mixtape from here.


Today was different… it was new… it was… why don’t we just jump into it and you can pick some adjectives. Well I started of taking the truck to Lexington and the rushing back to some friends, J, along with his girlfriend, W, and I(there were others but they are not more than likely going to be reoccurring characters) went kayaking. We put in down at Riverbanks Zoo, and after what I believe was only one wipeout by me(I had to take a little break afterwards) we got out at New Orleans Restaurant. In the process I saw a few people from… what did MP call it… The Nest, at least three of whom should have been taking classes, and one of whom had dropped out. What I did find out though was that apparently in South carolina tubing, and sunning on the rocks on the bank is the thing to do.

Anyways fast forward to night time, I met back up with J and his girl, as well as W, and a young lady for shagging at Jililan’s. No lie, I was a bit intimidated when I first walked in, but after leaving and coming back I made it through the rest of the night. Is it sad that I ended up learning the line dances but I’m still faltering on the actual shagging step?? Oh, and word to the wise… IT IS DOWN RIGHT RUDE TO ORGANIZE AN ODD NUMBER OF FRIENDS TO GO TO AN EVENT THAT’S BASED ON PARTNERING! I’ll come down from my pedestal now. But other than that, when they left they went to Sonic and I went to get change for the money in my wallet so I could go to Tabu. It seems that everyone is conspiring against me because everything was closed, so I just ended up walking around a little bit, seeing someone who stared me down who resembled TW(I actually need to text him) but I’m not sure if it was. All in all it was a pretty relaxed day, but still entertaining. Tomorrow night may prove to be COMPLETELY different.


White Shirt: J Crew
Navy Blazer: Winthrop & Wales
Chinos: LRG
Belt: Aeropostale
So today was a kind of busy day… not really busy just kind of busy. I mean I had to wake up and go to stuff related to my Alma Mater. While at the school I made a few rounds saying hi to teachers, hugging the littlies(that reminds me I need to text CS, I LOVE HER!), you know the usual thing. Projecting that sense of superiority because I’m all of 360 days wiser at the LEAST than they are.

After that I skipped over to la maison de S where I let her steal alot of my music from my iTunes. I have a very eclectic mix and so alot of the songs she knew before or she just got addicted to the beats. I mean I sleep on my own musical tastes but I was proud when she kept going through and like stealing songs. Then again she was my music guru for like… all of high school. Now I’m kind of grown up but I still go to her for up and coming artists.
Following that I was in 5 points for a meeting with a blogger. We did lunch at the Gourmet Shop, which is a MAHHHHHVEELOUS place for something relatively quick and sort of like a business casual way. It was as if everything was speeding around us but everyone was stopping in to rest for a second before going back out. I took the healthy way out when it came to orders, and grabbed a fruit bowl… sans cantaloupe.
Skip to an on phone interview(SCORED THE INTERNSHIP WOOT!), and then a few small errands before coming home. I’d been playing a game of TT since last night about the LBD party and so I continued this game while watching some of Valentino: The Last Emperor(he really DOES create beauty!) and then finally started pulling things from my closet to wear. It took me a second to realize that the male equivalent to the LBD is the GNB. I played it with a fashion flair and because i wasn’t sure whether or not it would be formal enough… I stuck a tie in my pocket.
The event was good, complimentary valet parking. It was actually funny to watch the valet guy literally SPRINT to get the cars. C, N, EGo, and EGr attended with me, and we pretty much ate and caught up for a few hours. There was a giveaway but we walked away empty handed. I ordered a Dixie Chicken Sandwich which was kinda bleh but it didn’t really matter, I was hungry. I think the highlight of the night would have been the story C had when she came back from the bathroom. Apparently when she went in some girl was on her knees puking… oh how it is to be back in the city.
This time I’ll leave you guys with a little song. It’s by an artist I know in passing named Muffy along with Shannell from Young Money. The name of the song is Lipstick Diva:

Oh and by the way, I have a new way of looking at going out… I work all year… I’ve earned this money… I can splurge on myself right? I haven’t gotten that way about clothes yet but God help my bank account if I do.

DESIGNER: 20/20 Partial Launch

THEY ARE FINALLY HERE!! Well, some of them atleast. Yesterday Coco and Breezy posted 8 items from their new line 20/20. They also hosted a UStream where they played the audio for the story line of their new website and allowed one of their friends who was in the house with them to actually see the website. While I couldn’t see the screen clearly through the shades that Coco had on, we do know by the conversation that was taking place that there is animation, and the friend seemed pretty impressed. That only heightens my excitement for them.

The rest of the collection will be released with the launch of the new website with items such as the studded mask and that necklace that I’m craving but for now you can head on over to their website and click “20/20 collection”(or go to page 2) and view some of my personal favorites, Egyptian, Andrex, and Evolution. The price range starts at $70.20 and goes up to $220.20.

Gossip Girl …

So after watching the finale I was kinda at a loss. I didn’t know what to say, I didn’t know what to write… I was kinda stunned for a few minutes. Then I promptly called two of my friends and we dished. A few things came out of that and then of course with some help from a press release we feel as if we’re ready for Season 4 to just get here already! Take us to PARIS!

Check our opinion below the clip
  1. Chuck is not and can not be dead. A source informed me before that the person who died was *a*e(don’t you love puzzles) and so I thought that meant male. Well another friend said it was Nate so when Chuck died I was devastated. I did see it coming when those guys walked up on him though. I actually would have rather it had been Nate. Anyways according to the press release the first episode of Season 4 Chuck will have remade himself and with a new girl friend travel to Paris. Stirring up trouble, of course!
  2. Jenny that was a NO NO! I don’t care how drunk Chuck was, you know how Chuck is and you took advantage of that. I wouldn’t put it past her for this to be entirely her plot to get back at Blair for giving her the first smackdown. The second one sounded kinda Mafia-esque and I LOVED it! Anyways for that, you get to have a little time out while you go on the Warped Tour with The Pretty Reckless. No Upper East Side for you! And while you’re gone… CLIP YOUR ENDS!
  3. Georgina, welcome back! I’m so glad you can return but you do NOT come back into the story with a BABY of all things! And you ESPECIALLY don’t accuse DAN of all people of being the father. That’s preposterous! I’m most certain that he’s not the father(although no one has given any tips to confirm this) and although I do love Georgina she needs to back off of Dan. Dan should be running into the sunset after Serena and his only worry should be how to explain it to Vanessa, who was so unimportant her face never made it in the finale. I find this to be mildly amusing.
  4. Speaking of Serena…. is Nate going to become the new Chuck… well actually the old Chuck, but that’s just semantics. I kind of wish he died, the only reason he’s there is for the romance aspect. He’s always involved in some naughty night time romping. I find his character to be… a little lacking. Anyways back to Serena, Paris! Yay! I love Blair for picking the place. I wonder if Serena will find a french boy to forget all of her worries with or whether Dan will weasel his way from under Georgina in enough time… he better hurry, from what I hear he has only 2 episodes.
  5. Hmm oh and our Blair. After Paris she’ll be going home to attend COLUMBIA! You know what this could possibly mean?? Blair will actually be Blair again! Take down Blair.. infamous always plastered on Gossip Girl, creating diabolical plans, infiltrating secret societies Blair! This is the Blair that I have come to love. And sadly I love this Blair when she is in a relationship with Chuck the most. So I’ve heard that he’s going to try and make her rethink her decision and he better do a good job! I want the king and queen of the Upper East Side together and I want it NOW!
So… have I covered everything?? I think I have. Eric although you are a minor character now I do hope you become a bigger character. Why can’t you become Jenny… but without the split ends, eye liner, and reworked uniform skirt. Oh yeah I remember, because you have “morals”. Why doesn’t someone just come and piss you off so you’ll lose those and we can see an “E” takedown!
I feel like I’m forgetting someone… OH Mr. Van der Woodsen. Don’t think we’ve forgotten about you. You’re somewhere on the UES and out of everyone I’m afraid of the trouble you may create. I feel like Rufus is a character we have to protect…. Jenny… don’t stray too far!
Well until the next season comes around…

VIDEO: Stevie Boi "Malibu Stevie" Collection

This video was a preview to the Malibu Stevie Collection by Stevie Boi. Stevie Boi currently has a line out called The Cure. His first line, The Toxic found itself perched on the noses of such celebs as Lady Gaga(from her Pokerface Cover and live a few times), Rihanna, and many others. From what I hear Stevie Boi has been dropping shades on many others in the past three months. I’ve heard names like Teyanna Taylor, Gucci Mane(his new video that’s not out yet), Muffy(she was at the end of the preview), Khia(on her iTunes album cover) and Lola Monroe. His new line “Malibu Stevie” evidently is for all of the Barbies and Kens out there as he states on his Twitter. I’m not exactly sure if he’s serious or not but I heard something about SB Weave dropping on the 12th when the “Malibu Stevie” collection goes public. Oh and one more thing you may find of interest… I did hear that Stevie Boi Shades made it into Sex and the City 2. Were those the shades on that poster??

Whatever happens we know that Stevie Boi is here and he’s here to stay.
Check out his website here

VIDEO: Coco and Breezy Shoot 20/20


Coco & Breezy photo shoot for there 20/20 line from Nunnie20 on Vimeo.

It’s getting closer and closer to the release of the 20/20 collection. While I don’t yet know the names of the pieces that I love, they are mostly featured here. For example the eyepatch is a favorite, but it’s one of those things that I can style for an editorial but it’s too much look for me personally to walk around in. The girls did tell me that you can see through it though, so it won’t impair your vision. Also I really think that out of every piece I’ve seen so far the piece that I want the most is the silver necklace that makes a brief appearance in this video shot by Nunnie. I’ve been dying over that since I first saw it. Lastly the pair of shades that are my fave have been featured alot, they are the first pair in this post I did about the girls. Denali Nova and the girls have already been spotted rocking them around town. I really need to get my hands on them though. Thankfully, the items will be put on the website for sale by the end of next week!!

MUSIC: Keys Interview

So I’ve been keeping up with Keys, of course. I said that I was a Spartan so I must keep up with my commander lol. Anyways she’s done a few interviews, one of which I read a while back and then she’s done a couple radio spots. She was on The Deal on BET, and she’s now gearing up for her mixtape entitled “The Infiltration” to drop on May 22nd. Anyways, a new interview just came out on the BMore Fab blog, and I recently have had a discussion with Glory D Productions, an associate of Miss Hustle.

Excerpts from the interview and my issue about Glory D…
First up the Keys interview. Writing since the age of 12, Keys never intended on pursuing music as a career. Her present pursuit is because of a video on YouTube she found of present rapper, Nicki Minaj, a female rapper that hasn’t released an actual album yet but still finds herself on the tips of all of our tongues. Influenced by her father, Keys counts KRS-1 as inspiration. This is the reason that she has a raw old school vibe in her rhymes. This is also the reason she felt like she’d done no wrong in taking shots at Nicki. She says:

If this [rap beef] happened in the 80s, this wouldn’t be that big of a deal. Our generation is not used to people being up front when it comes to Hip Hop. It was nothing back in the day for someone to drop a diss track on someone else. Now it’s such a big deal when it really shouldn’t be.

She says that the diss wasn’t planned, that it “came out of a group of friends voicing our opinion on her.” She intends to hold that spontaneity throughout her career saying that she doesn’t plan things and that’s what makes her different from other artists. Because of this quality and the fact that she doesn’t sensor herself she has a different response when asked is she a role model:

As a person, yes, but as an artist no. I try not to think about stuff like that when I write. I said I’d never write for a particular person and I don’t consider my lyrics child-friendly. (source)

For this I applaud her. Now in addition to this interview I myself have been talking with Glory D from Glory D productions. There’s a few things that I want to ask Keys about involving Glory D, Miss Hustle, and an artist named Rah but up until now she won’t answer my tweets and she also hasn’t addressed the Miss Hustle diss to my knowledge. I will be looking for the time if and when she does.