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Month: April, 2010



I have all of two minutes to describe what I want to describe here. Contributing Editor always brings the latest and greatest independent editorials to my Google Reader. They are things that can’t be missed! This latest editorial, utilizing GIF files is one such editorial. What struck me at first were the clothes, they followed the trends and I loved the futuristic piping as well as the plastic but there was nothing overtly amazing about the editorial. And then I saw one of the models lick his lips at me. He did it again. I scrolled up and saw another flexing, and a third just blinking. You’ll have to check the rest of the editorial here because the site doesn’t like for bloggers to repost entire editorials. Trust me your time won’t be wasted.


EDITORIAL: The Beginning of the End

Photographed by Terence Chin, model Xiya Xu models an assortment of clean and chic ensembles that juxtapose the gritty and urban location. Styled by Pip Vassett the looks include pieces by ManiaMania, Prada, Just Cavalli, Galliano, and Sass & Bide. Not created for a particular publication, the team involved in this shoot are certainly One’s to Watch.

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Ross Tanner, 27, Model/Carpenter/Musician & Alice Dellal, 22, Model/Managing Partner of Dominic Jones Jewelry
“[We met] one evening at the house of a tattoo artist. I was getting something small behind my left ear, and Alice’s friend happened to be getting a tattoo, too.”-Ross Tanner

The March Issue of Interview Brings us this lovely dark editorial called Union Pack. Composed of various inseparable yet phenomenal emerging duos wearing this season’s best of British designs, the pictures and mood stroked my fancy just fine.

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Jethro Cave, 18, Model/Musician & Sophie Willing, 21, Model/Actress
“I first met Jethro about a year ago at a fashion show after-party in Australia. Then we met in London through friends at the cat & mutton pub and we’ve been together since! Falling in love with Jethro has been wild fun. he’s a very talented man.”-Sophie Willing

Alex Poots, 24, Model/Student & Imogen Poots, 20, Actress
“She’s everything I’m not, and is therefore essential to the way I construct myself.”-Alex Poots

Anna Korzun, 21, Model & Richard Frenneaux, 25, Singer/Producer
“[We met] four years ago-on Myspace of all places! Within weeks of meeting each other in person, we moved to London to be together.”– Anna Korzun

VIDEO: Oyster Vision Designer

Oyster Vision Designer Pathways: Episode 1

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VIDEO: Nicki Minaj Diss by Keys


YAS, Spartans, Barbies, and onlookers alike, the official Nicki Minaj Diss video by Keys has officially been dropped. And even though I said I would leave this word in the past decade, in special circumstances I must pull it out: this video has so much SWAG!! Like it’s nothing but realness. There’s no elaborate hair, no crazy wardrobe, hunni even the make-up is even done in a very bare essentials type manner. It immediately shows the difference between the artist Keys is and the one that Nicki has molded herself into. And the video can’t be too much o f a flop, as of 30 minutes ago it was at 221,000+ views.


Elle really is hitting the editorial scene hard, with this second editorial styled by Mel Ottenberg. Utilizing various separates from names such as Emporio Armani, American Apparel, Missoni, and Prada(and how can I not mention the PVC transparent trench from Sonia Rykiel that was the tipping point for me making this post), Rie Rasmussen shows us what’s hot for the Cruise and summer seasons. Let us not bypass the footwear, namely those silk shoes by Miu Miu. All in all, I really can’t wait for summer to get here, as long as it brings along clothes like this.

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CONTEST: Dujour Magazine

So, this would be a first for us! On 803 Markese Street, we’ve never featured a contest. I’ve wanted to do it for a while now but I just don’t have the resources/connections to do it and so now we are kind of sliding into the process. Whereas this first contest isn’t for 803 specifically, we are assisting a magazine with it and you are allowed to vote here. Here’s how it works:

Under the clip you will find 5 delightfully soft, pink tinted pictures. At times they could be described as frothy but they remind me of a flowing pink night gown. Anyways back to the contest. All of these pictures are possible covers for the next issue of Dujour Magazine. Yes, you’ve read right, you will be picking the cover of the _______ Issue of the magazine. That reminds me, we haven’t been told what issue this is. Except for that’s part of the competition too. Along with your pick for your favorite cover that you will put in the comments also try to guess what the theme of the issue is. Use the covers to assist you, and you could possibly win a goodie bag from Dujour Magazine. As of now, you have 6 days, and the votes will be tallied and the winners revealed. Have a voice, and jump in the comment section.

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EDITORIAL: Theory of Evolution

Mr. Mario Grauso is doing some things right over there in the styling department. With this latest editorial Grauso brings us some haute couture modeled by Olga Sherer in the American Museum of Natural History.The setting of course is significant as this is Elle’s 5th annual environmental but instead of paying attention to the surroundings I can only see the Valentino, Atelier Versace, and Chanel. That’s not even mentioning the amazing Bulgari and Van Cleef & Arpels jewelry.

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VIDEO: Toni Braxton "Make My Heart"


Maybe I just hadn’t been paying attention but I don’t remember this version of Toni Braxton. I remember a deep, ballad type artist that made songs with meaning that could possibly stir emotion within anyone listening. I don’t remember a Toni who created a light, beat driven, pop song and accompanied it with a fun dance video. As a matter of fact I don’t really recall Toni dancing at all. This new video is just what I want to see more of in the industry. We have a combination of styles of dance, it’s aesthetically pleasing, and well I know some of the names of the dancers. For example Dejan Tubic, who has been featured on the blog before is in the video(purple v-neck, blonde mohawk), and I believe that’s Fanny Pak as well. Anways all in all, I want to see more from Toni like this.

EDITORIAL: Birds of a Feather

This newest editorial from Jesse Craig and styled by Elle Buggie was of interest to me because, well mainly because of the amazing clothes done by Golan Frydman, and the interesting photography. At some parts the pictures are clear and at others we see movement, much like in a picture of a hummingbird. Maybe I’m crazy but it’s my blog and I’m allowed to be a little crazy right? All of the pieces are from Frydman’s graduate collection, and I think it’s a pretty well executed collection. See Craig’s opinion after the break.

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For this series I was approached by designer Golan Frydman and stylist Elle Bugge about shooting Golan’s graduate collection. They had seen my photos of Kathleen Burbridge and thought it would be a good match. What got me on board was his impressive quality of craftsmanship and level of creative vision – all the lacework on the floor-length gown with the slit was hand painted with latex! For the models I cast Charlotte Benson and Kristine Drinke from Elite London because I got the sense that they both had the stoic intensity to carry the pieces.