MAGAZINE: Vanity Teen #7

by Mikelle S

So I got into Vanity Teen a little while back and I just recently got around to viewing the latest issue, which I downloaded for free onto my computer(you have got to LOVE modern technology). No, we’re not pirating magazines nowadays, although I have seen it done, but instead this is a free online magazine that from what I can tell focuses on fashion and different art forms, with a heavy emphasis on photography.

See below the clip for more coverage

This issue held 3 editorials from my count. “Lonesome Cowboys” features 3 male models,Ryan Bertrocke(REQUEST), Ram Beoneh(REQUEST), and Nick Riback(REQUEST), all clad in Levi’s. By no means should you discredit the relevancy of these models because they are doing work for a free magazine. They are still actual working models. For example Ryan Bertrocke walked for Jeremy Scott and John Bartlett in the pass runway season, is the boddy of the Frankie Morello fashion brand, and books numerous editorials and lookbooks. He’s featured in this editorial rocking a military green mesh tank, jeans, and a worn in set of boots, all from Levi’s.
As I said earlier, in addition to an emphasis on fashion, there is an emphasis on art, with photography as a focal point. “La Russe Eternelle”(The Eternal Russian) is one such feature. As a whole, the magazine isn’t afraid of the androgynous look, and this feature is no different. At points I’m confused at which of the two models in this feature is the male and which is the female. Lighting and color is used with an expert that is aesthetically pleasing. It’s more than pleasing it’s calming and serene to the eye. To be entirely honest… I want to frame these pictures.

“It’s not our fault you vomit to look like them” is yet another fashion editorial but that presents very different styling from “Lonesome Cowboys”. While “Lonesome Cowboys” did hold jeans and boots an entirely different feeling was procured. “It’s not our fault” created a punk feeling with the chains, patent leather, and dark colors.