Fall 2010: Yigal Azrouel(Men)

by Mikelle S

Have him try it. He doesn’t try it, he doesn’t know, but when they wear it once, trust me, they want to wear it again. It’s very effortless

says Yigal Azrouel in reference to getting straight men like himself to wear leather pants. After some more scenarios he ends with the last resort:

Tell him no sex. No sex until he wears the leather pants

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Yigal has decided that it’s now time to play with materials for men. Women wear leather pants… not regularly but you know it’s not crazy talk when they wear them, so why not men?? And why just stop at pants?? Why not have leather socks that we can tuck our pants into so that we can show our socks off?? What’s the problem with that?? Well for Yigal, paired with an oversized collar, there’s no problem at all.

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