Pre-Fall 2010: Roberto Cavalli

by Mikelle S

Cavalli is a name I know and love, and this collection, only adds to that love. The Victorian Era fashions have always been of the ultimate interest to me: the structure, attention to detail… even the fabrics have always looked so scrumptious(ohkay maybe that’s not the word I’m looking for but you know what I mean) The style of goth was also of interest. All black, but not looking just l ike one large mass of black color was a challenge that I loved to watch people take on. Plus, I do have a thing for the sinister.

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So as you can guess, I of course took a liking to the Roberto Cavalli Pre-Fall 2010 collection. It took two of the things I love and smashed them together to produce amazing clothes. It even went a step further, adding furs and skins to various pieces as well as giving us full length animal print red carpet looks. While the jury is still out on whether I personally would put someone in the dresses, I’m sure that come the next award season, someone will definitely be rocking Cavalli.

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