Vegas versus Obama

by Mikelle S

So if fashion is my food… my sustenance for life, then politics would have to be like my drink! Every once in a while I’ll binge and submerge myself in politics but on the regular, I take sips here and there just to keep my palette wet.

Anyways, I was wetting my palette this morning courtesy of Yahoo, and I laughed at what I found… This supposed “scandal” avec le president. No, we’re not talking of Tiger Woods scale or subject matter but a scandal all the same. Apparently, President Obama thinks that Americans waste money in Vegas (pause for gasp). What’s worse is that he’s said as much… And get this, he’s done it twice. Maybe we should impeach him.

I mean we don’t waste money in Vegas…Vegas isn’t the place we flock to, to escape and blow some cash. It’s not known for it’s casinos, and is instead known for the wonderful investments that can be made there that give the American people a fighting chance.

If you haven’t picked up my sarcasm yet, I’m not quite sure there’s hope for you.

From what I read this morning President Obama(I kinda think of him as Daddy Obama circa January Esquire) has cautioned the American people against blowing money in Vegas. This has caused what amounts to outrage in Vegas. The Mayor has said that the Prez is no longer welcome in Vegas.

To be entirely truthful I think that this is just a case of hasty comments that have gotten blown out of proportion. I mean I understand where both parties are coming from but really…. The mayor has basically challenged the President to a show of power. And he’s said that an apology wouldn’t be enough this time. I mean, I’m sorry that various conventions cancelled their reservations in Vegas in response to the President’s comments, but let’s just lay it out. Vegas is a city of excess that makes money on the excess of people. Seeing that we’re in a recession I don’t really see why there’s a surprise that Sin City was hit pretty hard. I say the Mayor should look at diversifying the city’s portfolio instead of pointing fingers.