by Mikelle S

I saw these pictures from the lookbook of ADO LES SCENTS, yesterday, and i was going to blog about it then but… I didn’t. I was reminded of it because of the Lacoste campaign I just posted. When I first saw these pieces I immediately thought of the Lacoste ads of old. Not only did I think off them because the models are suspended in air, but because of the styling and the pieces. To me, Ado Les Scents is in a since a neo preppy. It’s a newer Lacoste. I’m in no way saying that Lacoste is old(it is an old company but I think you understand what I’m getting at). Lacoste, in my opinion is still relevant to the industry and creates clothes that are such. But in saying that I do see Ado Les Scents(atleast the pieces shot here by Simone van Rees) as the same basic aesthetic with a younger, and newer eye. The fabrics are different that Lacoste, and even the cut is a tad different. What I do think though is that Lacoste with their new campaign may be attempting to go more towards Ado Les Scents for the future.

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