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Month: February, 2010

CN Blue

CN Blue debuted last month and teased theirselves into the hearts of millions with these mv teasers. Reminding a lot of people of FT Island, which is a great thing.

here’s the teasers:

with the teasers their song that became popular when they debuted January 14 is “외톨이야 (I’m a Loner)”

here’s the MV. enjoy!


New Korean Group D-NA

Even though they have yet to debut, Dae Guk Nam Ah (D-NAfor short) has been luring in a crowd of fans with their natural charm and musical talent.

Many listeners have been taking interest in this five-man group not only because of the eye candy, but the fact that they seem to be taking a more acappella, ballad-inclined route, at least for their first concept.

The quintet’s debut music video teaser has been released, and it looks like the rumors were right – the debut track seems to be a slow ballad of sorts. Check it out!

Fall 2010: D&G

Lack of posts, noted. Your possible anger, duly noted. Our apology extended. Now into the many things that need to be covered. First up, our uncles in the industry, Stefano Gabbana and Domencio Dolce. Yes yes yes, we are now in Milan, and with these shows comes a little bit of drama. Queen Wintour can only make it to 3 days in Milan and so there was a flurry as various designers attempted to reschedule their shows within her mini-week. This of course stepped on some toes and the mayor of Milan along with the President of the Italian Fashion Chamber both released statements explaining their discontent. The kicker was they weren’t disappointed only because Miss Wintour couldn’t make it, but instead because of the drama it caused with the schedule.

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Anyways on to the show, the first look reminded me heavily of the Aldridge twins in the Christmas film, Deck the Halls, and their chic Aspen meets California style. Knitwear has long been a favorite of mine, and is just becoming more of a favorite. Chunky scarves.. sweater-cum-dresses, all things that are used in this collection and all things that you need to look into picking up for the season. The boots from last fall and this winter are changing into mukluks. Still a sizable boot, but with alot more volume this go round.
One can not forget the classic jacket that was showed in the D&G Menswear show a few shows back. The duo has now shown us how this can easily be reinterpreted for women. It’s clean, classic, chic, and still retains a femininity. Love is the word that comes to mind… loving what could be a classic for women as well.

See the rest of the show here

Aston Mozie/Gemela Amor Fashion Week

Aston Mozie owned by two designers-Ugo and Aston teamed up at a fashion week event with Gemela Amor by Coco and Breezy at the Gates in NYC. Debuting their mix of punk rock and a futuristic look. Big names celebrities such as Diggy Simmons and much more. Models from top agencys such as RED,FORDE and much more walked the runway wearing their clothes.

Check out more at http://www.astonmozie.com/blog or follow them on at twitter.com.astonmozie
or @ugomozie @quinnaston @cocoandbreezzy

Dont forget 20/20 collection by Coco and Breezy with be for sale in March. Look out for it.

Fall 2010: Yigal Azrouel(Men)

Have him try it. He doesn’t try it, he doesn’t know, but when they wear it once, trust me, they want to wear it again. It’s very effortless

says Yigal Azrouel in reference to getting straight men like himself to wear leather pants. After some more scenarios he ends with the last resort:

Tell him no sex. No sex until he wears the leather pants

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Yigal has decided that it’s now time to play with materials for men. Women wear leather pants… not regularly but you know it’s not crazy talk when they wear them, so why not men?? And why just stop at pants?? Why not have leather socks that we can tuck our pants into so that we can show our socks off?? What’s the problem with that?? Well for Yigal, paired with an oversized collar, there’s no problem at all.

See the rest of the collection here

Fall 2010: Yigal Azrouel(Women)

Looking at the pictures for this show again made me rethink.. how am I going to cover all this goodness in four pictures?? Thankfully Yigal did me a favor and put the menswear and womenswear into the same show and so now I can just pull them apart although some of the clothes drew off inspiration from the other. Maybe this was his idea all along but showing menswear and womenswear together showed just how much they correspond and flow. It didn’t really seem to be two separate shows but one. Anyways, I’m splitting them up so I can post more pictures of the items that are SURE to become staples!
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Yigal is known for his the since of ease he brings to his work, and that’s not lost in these designs. This year he even manages to bring in an architectural aspect. Most cropped, structured, architectural jackets are very rigid, very straight looking. This one above has a softness, a suppleness to it that is only increased by the pants. The military influence has been all over the shows this year so, you might want to go ahead and invest in a structured jacket like this.
Embellishment, embellishment, embellishment, it’s back again! And we’re not talking your old pair of jeans, and some beads from the local Hobby Lobby(although I did that for my sister when I was younger, but you got to make the money you have work for you right?). We’re talking tasteful embellishments done on a neutral solid color, preferably black, that uses cut outs that at times make the naked flesh seem like an embellishment. That’s how you do it Yigal Azrouel style. Oh, and the structure on that shoulder… it’s missed by many people but sometimes beauty is in the details.
With the advent of the jegging, and the trend of just wearing a leggings with a shirt, females should definitely look in to the oversized sweater. I love them, always have and always will, and paired with these leather pants instead of leggings, makes it that much otter to me. A deconstructed collar, knitwear with a lot of substance… Rachel Zoe say it for me… I Die!

See the rest of the collection here

Fall 2010: Jeremy Laing

Silhouette and texture is what I immediately thought looking at the Jeremy Laing fall 2010 collection. While one should note that there is an ongoing focus on outerwear as in other shows, it’s more important to notice the various materials incorporated into this line. From beaver and muskrat fur, to maxi and some type of skin Laing has diversified his material choice. He makes the various pieces work well together and they are definitely garments that will be treasured.
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See the rest of the collection here

FALL 2010: Ruffian

In Ruffians eyes, there’s nothing wrong with a little embellishing, or alot. Especially if said embellishing comes with leggings, on some sort of outer wear, and is surrounded in black or some other neutral color. This collection of Ruffian takes us into the atmosphere, and we’re not talking the ozone layer. We’re in the Milky Way, looking at star constellations that have morphed into blouses and crescent moons that have become the embellished center of a shirt.
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Take these ideas, throw in the rigidity of peacoats, and a wool dress, and even a bow or two and you have the hodgepodge that is Ruffian. The collection seems to be taking classic ideas of strength, with hard, solid, appearing outerwear that includes some blocks of leather, and spicing it up with softer bouses beneath, as well as embellished pieces. All in all, it’s a look I like. Plus I could definitely see Blake Lively rocking it!

See the rest of the collection here

CAMPAIGN: Fernando Frisoni AW 2010

This was hard… it was the hardest one in a looong time! I saw one picture from the campaign and I knew, I just KNEW that I’d have to post about it so I starred it and went to the next post. Now when I started to create the post I thought, that’s alot of pictures, I’ll just divvy it up into men’s and women’s and it should be easy. I have found that it wasn’t. I love EVERY picture of the editorial and I feel like it’s a disservice to only show four but… that’s the precedent that I have set.

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This is only Frisoni’s SECOND womenswear season and he is by FAR starting off on the right foot. By setting a precedent of using only luxury fabrics, he already has distanced himself from some of the pack and by creating beautiful garments with these fabrics, he only makes the gap wider.

Maybe it’s the juxtapositions that get me, the fabric that looks as if paint has been splattered on it next to solid, blocks of fabric, the shiny of the strong shouldered cropped jacket with the somberness of the drop crotch, asymetrical pants. It could just be the eyes of the model, and how she has perfected the Tyra Banks smize. How she stares seemingly into ones soul, no matter what her hair is doing.

Whatever it is… it’s clear that Frisoni’s got me!

See the rest of the pictures here.

FALL 2010: Duckie Brown

Gone are the antics and daring of seasons past. Here we see Duckie Brown in what is for them a much more conservative light, no bows, just plaids, tweed, and a few strong bright colors to spice things up. Another proponent of the boot/”manpri” aesthetic, Duckie Brown sadly didn’t rise to the occasion in my opinion. It seems the only direction they are pushing us in is to shrink our suits, and well… let’s just say it’s not all that original.

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