Fall 2010: Yves Saint Laurent

by Mikelle S

So a few days ago I saw a film created by Bruce Weber, a photographer known for his male nudity, for Yves Saint Laurent that discussed his frustrations at getting models to pose nude and made a correlation between himself and Bunny Yeager who did the same thing with women. It was great cinematography, I really loved the vibe that it procured. The only problem was that on the blog, if you have ever noticed, I refrain from showing nudity. The closest is the occasional bare male chest. This film shows frontal nudity and has homoerotic tendancies so… it’s not quite fit for our content. I do mention it though because it was shown along with a film depicting a montage of Bunny Yeager pictures at the start of the YSL show.

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Whereas spectators may have thought that they would be in for a risque show after a film like that, they were sadly mistaken. In all actuality the models were very covered, from their necks to their wrists, and then all the way down to the floor, they were covered in clothes. This languid clothes that could easily be put on a male or female. Cropped, one button jackets, wrapped and fringed coats… all mostly in the neutral colors of the season.
One can see various inspirations, but the line does still pay ode to the YSL man. It puts the artistic man as the man of the moment, the man we should all take tips from.

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