TVXQ’s New Single "Break Out"

by Mikelle S

TVXQ aka Tohoshinki in Japan has come out with their first single of 2010 and since their lawsuit with SM Entertainment.

The song is basically talking about keeping the faith for the future.

Which is another saying of theirs even when they were going through trouble,

fans will always say “Keep the faith”, so a lot of fans can relate to this song.

The mv is dark, but it gives more of a sense of danger that you have to get out of.

Also there’s not one group dance in the video, which is like the first ever,

since they normally have at least one part where they are all together in the music

video, but there isn’t this time. Showing that things are still tense between the guys

but they aren’t trying not to let it get in the way of producing music. The song is also

the Opening OST (Original SoundTrack) for a new drama called Tomehane (とめはね)-

Let Us Jump Together.