CAMPAIGN: Dolce and Gabbana Spring 2010

by Mikelle S

I’m aware that at times the blog may seem to be a menswear blog, but it’s not… it’s not! It’s just that some kind of way I’ve been subscribing to more menswear blogs(probably because the industry is going) and I just happen to be posting more and more menswear things. Plus well… it is Menswear month… but come next month we should have alot more womenswear. That being said let’s get into the campaign for Dolce and Gabbana Spring 2010 Woman.

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So all of our readers should by now have it into their heads that we can’t shorten Dolce and Gabbana to D&G because they are two separate lines( you do remember that right). What you guys probably don’t know is that I don’t like it when labels and magazines use actors, actresses, and performers like music artists to model their things just for name recognition. I see dancers as different because normally they don’t bring name recognition to the table, they just bring an awareness of their bodies.

Anyways on this occasion I wasn’t too angry seeing as Madonna did a decent job(it was excellent compared to the mess that was the Louis Vuitton ads she did). I’d already seen peaks of the campaign, as many people did when they were first released and I started critiquing immediately. But after seeing the campaign in it’s entirety… I’m not TOO mad about it… plus it’s in black in white. I love classic black and white!

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