Fall 2010: Dolce and Gabbana

by Mikelle S

When a friend asked last week about trends I began to think. I’ve been digesting so much fashion that sometimes I don’t really take the time to reflect and think how will this play out, what will get picked up and what won’t. Well at that time I spounted out alot of different trends and held on to a few. Dolce and Gabbana with this Fall of 2010 line hit many of them on the mark including texture, fit and neutrality in color.

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If you know my style sense, you know that for men I’ve always had an affinity for the dandy. Moreover I’ve always had an affinity for wearability. Dolce and Gabbana most definitely hit both of these nails on the head with this line. Actually the clothes seem to be worn in, with dirtied boots and wrinkled clothing. The materials and cuts bring me back to the Sherlock Holmes movie I saw earlier in the week(WHICH I LOVED!)

The show stays true to the Dolce and Gabbana man of course with more work oriented clothing as well… and while I could of course do without one particular print they used, all in all, I think the show was excellent.

See the rest of the show here.