EDITORIAL: V Love U Just The Way U R

by Mikelle S

There was a craze on the blogs I follow when the pictures started being released for the V Magazine size issue. I had half a mind to post about it but I felt that they’d been posted enough and that to post them again would be a bit ridiculous. But a little while back our very own Dan Felton(when we say our very own it’s because we like him not because we have any possession of him) surfaced in pics related to the issue. Because there weren’t enough pictures that I liked I decided to hold the post but now that the editorial in it’s entirety has surface, and I’ve found enough pictures I most definitely have to post.

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Whereas I originally thought that the Size issue was going to showcase women with curves, I find now that it’s really more of a diversity issue. It’s not about just curves it’s about everything. It’s about your size, your style, your height, anything really. V is using this issue to showcase all different types of people(all beautiful nonetheless) and I applaud them for that.

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