Pre-Fall 2010: Proenza Schouler

by Mikelle S

Don’t berate me, I know I know it’s blasphemous to try and rush a post on Proenza Schouler(my skin tingles when I even THINK the name) but I have nooooo time! I have a dinner… and writing about what I have to do instead of this line is wasting more time so, Proenza Schouler for PreFall 2010… has done it again. No, it’s not the same rap sheet for them, au contraire my darlings, instead of the “cunty” pieces we got before, as they explained it to Elle in an article about how they manipulated fashion economics to make a craze for their product, they have presented us with a schoolboy chic that is just as addicting. Give me oxford shirts, tweeds, letterman’s jackets and those heels any day and I’ll style you greatness. In reference to the change Lazaro Hernandez, half of the design duo, said “There’s something about a suit that feels cooler now than a miniskirt dripping in studs,” And girls, this IS the new cool.

See the rest of the collection here.