Pre Fall 2010: Nina Ricci

by Mikelle S

So second in line for Pre Fall coverage is Nina Ricci. You may know of the label because of Leighton Meester’s New Years Eve outfit, or maybe you’ve seen those infamous hoofs that they call heels which have been featured in W, and various issues of Vogue. Or maybe, just maybe you heard the name Olivier Theyske, the former Creative Director for Nina Ricci, being thrown around in that Lagerfeld-Elbaz mash-up(it was rumored that Theyske would take Elbaz’s position). Whatever you know the name for, I’m glad you know the name and I’d like for you to get acquainted with a new name, if you’re not already familiar, Peter Copping, the new Creative Director for Nina Ricci.

After a good Spring season, Mr. Copping decided to pick up with the new line right where the old one left off. He continued to use a soft color palette and with this line decided to use alot of innovation. For example, this picture above has a storm collar that also functions as a fashion color. Plus it’s a trench coat, and after everyone was pushing the trench coat, I like to see a new take on it. It’s not a drastic deviation but, it was a little different. In addition there are touches of fur in the collection that I love!!

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