Back to the Basics

by Mikelle S

I find that the common problem with most men in our generation today, is that they don’t understand a lot of the history behind a lot of the clothes they wear. For example: the Duffle Coat was issued by the British Royal Navy in World War I as a way to keep its personnel warm. Now some of you may be saying, so…how the hell does that make anything relevant? Well in some cases, it is good to know of the history of the product that you are wearing, so that you can know what is quality and what isn’t. You’d be surprised at how much you are paying for what you are thinking is good quality, when in fact, it is the worst stuff out on the market.

Another common problem that was getting worse before, but seems to be getting better slowly but surely, is that men don’t dress up anymore. If you notice, about 80 percent of women will never go out of the house looking as if they don’t care about their appearance. I know friends who will personally take their time getting ready just to go to the market. Men of our generation have adapted to this concept that you don’t always need to put your best foot forward, but that just is not true. In fact, I am a firm believer in the notion that the day you are caught slipping, may be the day that you miss your greatest opportunity. For instance, I have heard stories from numerous women, who say that they didn’t approach a guy or give him their number based on his appearance when they first saw him. Gentleman, it is time that we start taking a little more pride in how we are dressed and how we present ourselves to the public eye. Our appearance is a reflection on how we feel and how we are and we need to make sure that we exude confidence and good vibes at all times.
My goal for this section of the blog is very simple: to inspire and educate as many young men as possible. Some of us don’t know the basics of men’s fashion such as the difference between a notch and peak lapel or the difference between an oxford and a laceup shoe, but through this site, we can all help each other. We can educate each other on everything not just fashion, but wine, food, travel, etc. Anything that you want me to cover, I will be more than happy to. Just know that while we may not all think alike, I ask that we all find some common ground upon which to agree on. Here’s to making ourselves better young men in 2010.