Mad for Hellz Bellz

by Mikelle S

In the past weeks I’ve heard alot about this line and it’s website. I’m hearing about a collab with Vans, a free mixtape they gave out, and their collab with Reebok. A few of the blogs that I follow seem to have taken a cult like liking to the brand, and among there followers include Mademoiselle(check out the pictures featured in the interview).

With a line that may be one of the rawest and in your face collections out, the people pshing it know a bit or two about cultivating their following. With a blog, online store, and website as well as music connections, they attempt to cater to many needs of their customer. Their target audience must be pretty definedbecause of the amount of things they put out. Knowing that though, a true Hellz Bellz kid will probably have their mixtape in the iPod, the blog on their blogroll, and be dressed head to toe in Hellz Bellz(well except for underwear, I haven’t seen those yet!). They probably are also entered in one of the various contests the brand holds.

If you’re going for a look that’s unapologetic and in your face? One that’s brash and will at the very LEAST get you noticed, Hellz Bellz is a line that you should most definitely check out.

Check out their website and blog here!