Go Mad for Mademoiselle

by Mikelle S

Name: Mademoiselle
Music Style: Everything
Label(Present or Future): Not Signed.. Yet
Number of Years in Industry: Since Childhood
Claim to Fame: As far as modeling goes; Azzure Denim Campaign, Honey Mag Editorial & Crush Fragrance Commercial
Favorite Song You Have Recorded: Search and Rescue
Favorite Song Recorded By Someone Else:I have a few at the moment.
Led Zeppelin : Dazed & Confused
Nikka Costa : Tug of War
Brandy : Love wouldn’t count me out

Soo… I know I know, usually have this really hair pulling, edge of your seat story about how I found an artist well… to be entirely truthful I don’t remember how I stumbled across this artist. All I know is I was following her on twitter and then she put up a video on YouTube, and I was following her there too. I was addicted with the first video and so I just fed my addiction with ever episode she made, waiting for her to come out with a track. Anyways, I started talking to her a while back and we fixed this up.. hope you like it.

The first thing I wanted to ask you about was your style. Maybe it’s because I have an affinity for fashion, or maybe it’s because your style is just that prominent but the fact remains that it seems to be an integral part of your image. What made you go with the blonde hair?? What is your inspiration for the entire look?? Do you have a team behind you or is this all your brain child?

Like you I’m very into fashion and my inspiration has come from different places. Lately I’ve been inspired by grunge. Very late 80s rock vibe, London, Paris and drag queens.

The blonde came about from just wanting change and a signature look. My hairstylist and good friend told me how hot it would be on me. So I took a chance and LOVED it. It goes hand and hand with the new image and sound. And yes, I’m the brain child of my style. I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Speaking about your style, I have to ask, there’s no way I can’t ask. You have at least one pair of Coco and Breezy shades, and I’ve been developing a relationship with them. How long have you had yours, how many pairs do you have, and how did you find out about the twins??

I met Coco and Breezy at a Photo shoot for a London Magazine editorial. I instantly fell in love with them. They’re amazingly talented, ambitious and very sweet. I know they have a bright future ahead of them.

So I’ve seen you have gone through a few names in your career; Posh Tash, Tash,and now Mademoiselle (is it Maadmoiselle or Maademoiselle??), do you think that the changes were because you are still forming as an artist?? I read somewhere that this was finally you being you, and that they have been waiting for this, do you think this is really the closest to you?? Will we have to learn another name any time soon??

The way I spell is it Mademoiselle. My myspace & twitter have different spellings due to the availability.

And the name change had everything to do with me still forming as a artist. Its very hard to be a up and coming in the day were Internet is the main source of finding new talent and trying to keep interest. So I’ve grown in front of people musically, image and confidence wise. It took time to really find myself and figure a way to set myself apart from other artist currently out and I feel I’ve finally done that. As far as another name change…. No, not for a long time at least. Maybe later in my career lol.

On Honey Magazine I read that you are part of a writing duo Pre Madonna Syndrome. I am guessing that the other half of this duo would include Kyla Dreams. Is this a recent partnership or has it been something that I am only now learning of?? Who is your target artist, or are you two writing for each other solely??

Kyla Dreams & I have been working together for about 9 months and its a great partnership. In the short time of us working together we’ve made a lot of moves. Its rare to find two solo artist that come together to help each other.

When it comes to our writing, sometimes we’re told who is looking for new music and we write to fit they’re sound. I love the fact that we can write damn near every genre of music. Versatility is key is this business. But with that said a PMS project is in the works.
Looking at you gives me a black version of Gossip Girl to be entirely frank, and I LOVE it! Do you feel that your music would fit this audience?? A bunch of cosmopolitan high fashion, edgy, trendsetters, who have only the crown in their sights??

Thank you love! I do feel it would fit that audience. I think the new music is huge. It is very edgy, brash, honest & in your face. Its a 360 from what you’ve heard from me in the past. I’m a very ballsy person and have no problem saying what’s on my mind. The world is in need of real music and I think they’re ready for it.

I hear that you are working on your first full-length album, so what can we expect?? Do you have a name already, and if so can you divulge?? Any concepts you want to toss around??

Well this go round you can expect a EP from me. The new sound will be unexpected for most but I think they will love it. Its edgy, sexy, diverse & rebellious. My lyrics usually say what most people are thinking. As far as concepts it will be a surprise, so stay tuned.

What do you think of the industry now with all the crazy things that are happening now?? What do you feel you bring, have brought, and will continue to bring to the industry??

I think the industry is in need of new talent. Not taking anything away from artist that are already out. But its time for change and for labels to see talent that’s right under there noses. I know a few really dope artist including myself that would murder this industry. Its only a matter of time.

I feel I will bring all of me, like I do now. I put my heart into my music. It will be passionate and honest.

What advice would you give someone just out of high school who wanted to get into the industry right now??

The only advice I can give is to stay true to yourself no matter what. If you feel this is the industry for you whether its in front or behind the scenes, bring your A game and be ready to knock doors down. Be confident, know what you want and go for it!

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