Seth Aaron Henderson on Project Runway

by Mikelle S

So I follow Tom and Lorenzo’s blog to keep up to date on the latest reality fashion shows… (which are not really reality but you didn’t hear it from me). They provide profiles on many different shows and the characters who inhabit these shows but they never have forgotten their bread and butter, the show that brought them their power fame and influence, Project Runway.

I was scanning through my reader when I found this man on their blog. With full intentions on breezing through the post I skipped through the text, the videos and was about to lazily skimp on the pictures when I was stopped by the jacket pictured below. With superb workmanship, and an obvious menswear influence I knew I had to go back and atleast look at all the pictures. As I began to spy an obvious Dior style, with the high bar jackets, I knew I’d take a liking to Seth Anderson.

While the 38 year old’s personal style doesn’t seem to fit TLo’s tastes(it doesn’t fit mine either… trying to hard with chothes that don’t fit well doesn’t do it for me) his amazing tailoring does. Citing Karl Lagerfeld and Christian Dior as his favorite mainstream designers and Christian Siriano as his favorite Project Runway winner, he has me won over. He says his favorite color is blac(which is evident in the portfolio he showed TLo) and he finds influence from music “including New Wave, punk, ’80s Goth, Brit Rock. Also ’40s, ’50s and ’60s movies”

I only have one complaint.. as I look at his work to me I see the same basic high bar-esque structure… He doesn’t seem to stray from it. Even when I look at the dresses it seems that he has only added length, and I can DEFINITELY see Nina critiquing him for it… Hopefully either I’m crazy or he just isn’t show the other things he can do.