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Month: January, 2010

Distinguished Cravat

Monday will be the launch of the Distinguished Cravat brand by Kate Ross. The building anticipation for this line has been overwhelming and I know more than a few people who can’t wait for some items to drop so that they can snatch them up. Specializing in bow-ties and other neckwear, the line will bring its clients quality products and service. This will definitely put Kate Ross on the map in 2010 and hopefully beyond. The line will be housed in Brooklyn, NY. More info to come!

EDITORIAL: The Standard Measure

Normally I have a good bit that I want to say about things I post. Well I just kind of want these pictures of Silviu Tolu from Red, to speak for themselves.

S/S 2010: Christian Dior

I love Granddaddy Dior as much as the next person but i have to be completely honest. The show had a variety of themes, Galliano sited “The Gibson Girl”, an equestrian leaning, as well as Charles James. That being said… I don’t see much different from the last Dior show. Maybe it’s just the Dior aesthetic combined with the fact that Mr. Galliano again held the show at the line’s headquarters… oh and the fact that the last show was staged with a backdrop of 4,000 roses and this year it was 3,000. Maybe it’s also the fact that lace was a major player in both collections and… so was the opulence of jewelry… They were very different collections… if you take out all the things I just said 🙂 I still love you though Granddad

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Fall 2010: Josephus Thimister

“I feel very peaceful and excited to be returning to couture week,” says Josephus Thimister after his 8 year hiatus from the fashion world, and decade break from couture. You may not recognize his name but you undoubtedly know of his work: Balenciaga circa late 1990’s as well as Karl Lagerfeld before that. Hailing from the Antwerp Fashion School(which gives us so many good names) Thimister has decided to present his Fall collection during the Spring/Summer showing. The collection, which has been ready since October, got it’s slot after the slot was vacated by Christian Lacroix(we must pause for the greats…)

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The theme is kind of evident. you can sense the violence and yet you can see the ornate qualities of the garments. This goes hand in hand with the theme he stated, “Bloodshed & Opulence”. I’m a sucker for jackets as you should know(and tailored ones make me DIE), and red is definitely a color that pops. Combine this together with an earthy green, and a few select knitwear peices and you get a wonderful collection.

Now as for him showing a fall collection… I APPLAUD Mr. Thimister. Do you want to know why? Because back in the day when the schedules were made, the average person didn’t have access to pictures from the shows until they came out in magazines… a year later. Well nowadays, as you can see… we have access, minutes after the show ends. So why show a collection, and build up demand for it… and then watch that demand die over time?? It makes no since so Josephus Thimister gets an A from me for doing it this way… oh and you too Alexis.

S/S 2010: Alexis Mabille

Alexis Mabille again loves to keep them talking. He kicks of Paris Luxury Week, what before was the Spring/Summer Paris Haute Couture, with a collection that is not spring or summer, but a continuation of his fall/winter collection, and that arguably isn’t couture. I know you guys may be getting tired of the runway shows but, well this one is the last week before we head on over to the big shows. It is a welcome reprieve from the menswear show because as you notice there is an absence of men, and well, an influx of color. Mabille utuilizes a method of color blocking that shocks editors back into technicolor after two weeks of predominately neutral colors. And as you can see with the neckline above, he’s not quite done with the bow!

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Fall 2010: Lanvin

Nice baby Nice, the boys were looking right. Metallics, street inspired wear, and the male clutch bag. Lanvin did a pretty good job with line. Love the mixture of relaxed and fitted looks. From tuxedos to blazers, this line included something that every man would wear. The neat thing about this collection was that some of the trenchcoats had removable arms. I favored the fringed sweaters and the fitted feminine like sweaters as well. Thought it all looked well put together it had a slouchy worn in appeal that was cool. The collection flowed well together and almost told a story of a man in different parts of his life.

Fall 2010: Kenzo

Kenzo, give me more please. Love that he was inspired to use lots of tweed, plaid, and houndstooth. I love houndstooth a lot & he did a great job incorporating it into his line. It was obvious he got the gray memo but seemed like he wanted to add hints of red here and there. Black, while, gray, & red always look great together. Another fav of mine for this collection was that most of the guys had on a fedora, its made them look sophisticated and mature. The large overcoats and trench coats were made of fine tailoring and the some of the sweaters the guys wore were pretty. I enjoyed how he made some pajama looking pants and paired it with a suit jacket, a different look. Over all I enjoyed the Fall 2010 Kenzo collection, it was to me another refreshing line for Paris fashion week.

Written by Courtney

Fall 2010: Walter Van Beirendonck

Just when things we starting to get a little boring with color and concept, Walter Van Beirendonck came and shook things up. So far its been seeming like I choose the good shows to cover. All this color makes me happy. I’m not quite sure where Walter’s mind was with this collection but I’m almost sure it was somewhere up in space. I loved the colors that were used, he didn’t just focus on primary colors, he also brought in purple and greens. Jumpers, chill sport wear, and over sized ear covers…Walter took his audience into space with a bang.

Written by Courtney

FALL 2010: Balmain

No lie, the reason I pulled up the Balmain show pictures was because I love the womenswear line. But after spotting the puffa jacket, a jacket that has been popping up more and more this season, the sharp tailoring, destroyed denim, and boots, I immediately gained respect for the line on it’s own accomplishments… The only complaint I have that I think should be logged with Christophe Decarnin is that… THE SHOW IS TOO SHORT! 6 looks?? Come on, you can’t give me this sophisticated take on grunge and end it after 6 looks. I want to see alot more!

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FALL 2010 Maison Martin Margiela

I was wondering who was going to do it, I knew someone would but I just wanted to know who would put metal on their pieces. More specifically who would put metallic on a leather jacket. Of course i only had to wait for Maison Martin Margiela pictures to come out to have my wish. This show held with in it alot of my all time faves, so it’s not really a surprise that I pretty much like it. To be entirely truthful the collection takes classic men’s pieces and does them in an interesting print or a new fabric that gives them a fresh, and new feel while still following the trends of the season.

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