Horizon Lines in AnOther Man

by Mikelle S

I said it before, I really wanted to get back into blogging, so instead of talking about how much I was ready to be back I figured why not just blog!!

I’m posting this editorial for AnOther Man magazine because I feel this is where the menswear game is going. Am I talking about the designs of the clothing, no! The cowboy boots featured in the next photo, uh uh! I’m talking about conceptually. Men’s fashion is beginning to grow up and out.
While we were down I did alot of reading. I read WWD Mens Collections, AnOther Man, 10 Men, and Numero Homme among many other things. I feel that to be able to adequately blog about fashion.. about anything really, one must do their research… and not just online. While doing this research, statements that I have previously made were just cemented. Menswear is becoming fashion. Men are actually modeling now, not just standing around looking at the camera. They are posing, they are creating lines, they are actually doing the work to sell the garments. In one of the magazines I read, in an interview, Rick Owens said “Fashion has become kind of like a new sport that has filtered into the man’s world. It deserves to be developed”.

Various reasons are given because of this change: Men are becoming more comfortable with their sexuality, the popularity of the “metrosexual man”, and recently I read in an article in 10 Magazine, the reason is because of the gay man. The theory in 10 Men, presented by Tony Marcus under the title of “Styling Men” is that in the menswear industry we now have more gay men working. And as a result he says “The difference between the i-D image and the sportswear advert is the admission, in the fashion magazine, that the viewer’s gaze(or the stylist’s or photographer’s gaze) is sexual.” He goes on to say towards the end that “I suppose it’s obvious that the new space owes everything to a homosexual gaze. And this must say something about a failure (in fashion) of both heterosexual male and female imagination and power”.

Whether or not I believe what Mr. Marcus says is neither here nor there but it’s clearly evident that the menswear game has changed. In this editorial I see no sexual references (although they may have gone over my head) I just see fashion. I see lines, and I see the models, Jean Phillipe(NATHALIE) and Stas Svetlichnyy(SUCCESS), doing their jobs by showing garments in motion. I see Sophie Delaporte capturing these garments styled by Bryan McMahon with great lighting and angles. To tell it simply I don’t see sex, I see fashion.