Male Model of Interest: Dan Felton at RED

by Mikelle S

His name is Dan Felton, and this model in my opinion blew up this past year. I’ve been meaning to say something about him for the longest, but I just never got around to it. I think I mentioned him in passing on a video I did but now I will give him the justice he deserves. If you believe that this London native is someone to just gloss over, take a glance at a small spread of his work. This is in no way a totality of his modeling career though, we haven’t gotten to his runway work yet.

Dan is managed by RED NYC even though he originated from London, where he was a tattoo artist. He was scouted by his current manager, right before he was about to go back to London for work. He was not only a tattoo artist but he owned the tattoo parlor he worked in. After sending in some pictures and a video, RED signed him and he booked work with 10 Men,Another Man, T Style Magazine, and the Barneys catalog, all without a portfolio.
“Dirty English” Photo:William Lord Style:Mike Stallings

He’s also has had work from Sugarcraft,Brian Woods, as well as various editorials featured on The Contributing Editor.

Dan isn’t limited to photos though, we found him scattered over the Spring/Summer men’s shows. He booked these three as well as Odyn Vovk where he opened the show.