Queen Of the Bible: Karlie Kloss

by Mikelle S

So even though things will soon be changing here around the blog (I’ve been talking to new writers to give us some variety EEEK!) we aren’t going to just stop posting and close up shop… On the contrary. I want to dole out a few awards… well gifts… well titles… well basically spur of the moment things as I reminisce on the year.

These posts may be on any topic but I do plan on making sure to get some blogs in here that should hold you over until we open back up.
The first award to give is: Queen of the Fashion Bible
So I’m not sure if you know what the Bible is but the fashion bible, in my opinion is Vogue. While they have been slipping a bit, I still consider them to be the fashion bible. Anyway, those over at Fashin Fags compiled a list of the top models and photographers featured in the mag. Miss Karlie Kloss left with the title as Queen with Patrick Demarchelier as King(photographer). Some names that I like in the modeling list were Sasha Pivovarova, Jourdan Dunn, and Natasha Poly.