by Mikelle S

As you may can see or may have heard, the blog will be going through a change at the tail end of this year to enter the new year, with a new face. Writers are being let go and new writers are being picked up while we are also looking for just better ways of making things accessible and visually appealing. In lieu of this the blog will close on December 25th. It will reopen on January 1st for everyone.

That being said there will be a soft launch. The blog will be able to be viewed by those who are citizens. To become a citizen is fairly simple, one must only email mkll911[at]gmail[dot]com to become a citizen. This way you will be on the invite list so when the blog does open for the soft launch you will have access.

We hope you have enjoyed the blog and look forward to where it is going. If you write about anything… get involved:) become a writer.