JLo is Whipping Rihanna’s Hair

by Mikelle S



Apparently, Jennifer Lopez has once again managed to get her hands on someone’s sloppy seconds. How do I know this… well In February of this year I got a hold of a leaked Rihanna track. It was made by the team who made the other track JLo got her hands on, The Dream and Tricky Stewart. I liked the track well enough… it was very Rihanna to me, nothing extrodinary, so I just kept it moving.

Then today after a few tweets, and looking at The JLo Spot, I find here that Lola has got her fingers on the track and has secured it for her upcoming album.

Above is a picture of Jennifer Lopez in the studio working on music for her upcoming album, “Love?” with Kuk Harrell from Suga Wuga Music.

Thaddis “Kuk” Harrell is an Atlanta-based songwriter, vocal producer, arranger and engineer. He is a member of a songwriting–production team composed of himself, Christopher “Tricky” Stewart and Terius “The Dream” Nash, who wrote a produced, the great sounding mid-tempos, “Villain,” “Whippin My Hair,” (up-tempo) and “Louboutin” for Jennifer Lopez. Harrell is the vocal producer and co-writer of Rihanna’s Grammy-winning single “Umbrella”, and a composer and engineer on Beyonce’s chart topping “Put A Ring On It.” He also produced the majority of the vocals on Mary J. Blige’s Platinum album, “Growing Pains.”

BOTTOM LINE: All I have to say about the matter is JLo and Rihanna don’t have the same voice for one and secondly… well we saw what happened when she tried to rock someone else’s Loubutins… I wonder what will happen when you rock someone else’s hair?