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Month: December, 2009

Horizon Lines in AnOther Man

I said it before, I really wanted to get back into blogging, so instead of talking about how much I was ready to be back I figured why not just blog!!

I’m posting this editorial for AnOther Man magazine because I feel this is where the menswear game is going. Am I talking about the designs of the clothing, no! The cowboy boots featured in the next photo, uh uh! I’m talking about conceptually. Men’s fashion is beginning to grow up and out.
While we were down I did alot of reading. I read WWD Mens Collections, AnOther Man, 10 Men, and Numero Homme among many other things. I feel that to be able to adequately blog about fashion.. about anything really, one must do their research… and not just online. While doing this research, statements that I have previously made were just cemented. Menswear is becoming fashion. Men are actually modeling now, not just standing around looking at the camera. They are posing, they are creating lines, they are actually doing the work to sell the garments. In one of the magazines I read, in an interview, Rick Owens said “Fashion has become kind of like a new sport that has filtered into the man’s world. It deserves to be developed”.

Various reasons are given because of this change: Men are becoming more comfortable with their sexuality, the popularity of the “metrosexual man”, and recently I read in an article in 10 Magazine, the reason is because of the gay man. The theory in 10 Men, presented by Tony Marcus under the title of “Styling Men” is that in the menswear industry we now have more gay men working. And as a result he says “The difference between the i-D image and the sportswear advert is the admission, in the fashion magazine, that the viewer’s gaze(or the stylist’s or photographer’s gaze) is sexual.” He goes on to say towards the end that “I suppose it’s obvious that the new space owes everything to a homosexual gaze. And this must say something about a failure (in fashion) of both heterosexual male and female imagination and power”.

Whether or not I believe what Mr. Marcus says is neither here nor there but it’s clearly evident that the menswear game has changed. In this editorial I see no sexual references (although they may have gone over my head) I just see fashion. I see lines, and I see the models, Jean Phillipe(NATHALIE) and Stas Svetlichnyy(SUCCESS), doing their jobs by showing garments in motion. I see Sophie Delaporte capturing these garments styled by Bryan McMahon with great lighting and angles. To tell it simply I don’t see sex, I see fashion.

We’re Back

So here we are, we’re back. I’ve been feigning for an outlet… I’m so serious about it. I needed to allow myself to write about fashion. But I don’t want to just give you info on things that passed while I was away, no I’m going to stay in teh current… as a matter of fact, why don’t we knock this all out with a quick video??

Becoming an Icon

Bran(@callmeurmajesty) and Icon(@icontips)

The pictures above I got courtesy of Carter James'(@camerakido) Twitter. Carter happens to be the photographer for the project that is apparently working under the name of “The Visitor.” The pictures are still being worked on but I’m in love already. I already do love Icon as a stylist though, so it was predictable that I loved this project.
As a matter of fact, I think some of these things were made by Icon, I think he doctored some of it, as he does for his boutique I Love Controversy. Icon is arguably the most talented stylist in Atlanta. He’s definitely one to watch for the upcoming year of 2010.

Cassius Eyewear for Spring 2010

I see the recession impacting fashion in a pretty interesting way. For those who were affected I believe that the trends say to dress very simplistic while splurging on one thing, like eyewear, or a jacket. The Cassius eyewear pictured above is fresh and clean, while still being relevant. It gives me a retro type feeling that can spice up any look. Oh and if you were wondering, these boys that look like they all originate from Jersey, have rat tails.

Alexander Wang SS 2010 Lookbook

I know I normally write alot in my posts but I’m going to try something new. I like these pictures because to me they are fresh, and new. The models aren’t all done up but yet, there’s still a je ne se quoi that makes me want to start my fashion wall (which I should start production on soon) with. Maybe it’s the styling, or the way the models, Anja Rubik (NEXT), Hanne Gaby Odiele (SUPREME), Edita Vilkeviciute (VIVA,DNA), Mirte M and Liu Wen (Select, Marilyn) pose, what ever it is I cant get over these pictures.

What do you think about them??

Que ain’t going nowhere




Do you notice any similarities?? Listen to the beat of “Shake Dat Sh*t” and then listen to the beat in the background of Que’s video. Combine that idea with the following tweets and you’ll see what I’m getting at.


After looking at all the facts we know what Que’s going to be putting out soon. How he’ll sound on the track in comparison to how Dari sounds, is an entirely different story but we have a sample. Since the divorce with his group it doesn’t seem at all like he’s going to step out of the entertainment business, actually it seems that he’s hit the pavement running.

He’s been firing off tweets about getting on tracks with people like Brandy and Dawn while also talking about being in the studio with producers. It seems that we haven’t heard the last of Que and I’m frankly more excited about his blooming career than I ever was about Day 26! What can I say… I’ve always been a fan of Dari!!

The Face of Fashion Blogging: Jeremy Dante

Every time I get on the computer I go through my Google Reader. In it I hold over 100 blogs that give me all my information that I may possibly need with regards to the fashion industry and a little bit of information on the entertainment industry. Sometimes I don’t have enough time to go through all of the blogs so I have a few ones that I feel that I need to see. When it comes to videos, I’m even more critical, and sometimes I only will watch one. There is one blog that always makes it through every cut, and it’s run by none other than Jeremy Dante, “The Face of Fashion Blogging.”

With a blog coming up on the conclusion of it’s first year, Jeremy has carved himself a niche in the industry. With a layout that is chic, and simplistic, yet still engaging, I find that he puts alot of time into his blog, and for this reason sometimes I find myself just going to the page to read the posts instead of reading from the safety from my nondescript Google Reader. A creator in his own right, Dante constructed the entire blog, coding included by himself.

JeremyDante TV, the YouTube component of the blog that is updated every Friday, gives me the who’s who of the industry and gives me short, digestible bits about the moves they are making. His posts, that feature “ill imagery”, come from international magazines, as well as lookbooks, show packages, and the runways from around the world. With a penchant for exposing the minorities in the industry, Jeremy provides up-to-date information that will keep any fashionista relevant, in a field where relevance is paramount.

See his last video here:


A Dancing PACMAN

Male Model of Interest: Dan Felton at RED

His name is Dan Felton, and this model in my opinion blew up this past year. I’ve been meaning to say something about him for the longest, but I just never got around to it. I think I mentioned him in passing on a video I did but now I will give him the justice he deserves. If you believe that this London native is someone to just gloss over, take a glance at a small spread of his work. This is in no way a totality of his modeling career though, we haven’t gotten to his runway work yet.

Dan is managed by RED NYC even though he originated from London, where he was a tattoo artist. He was scouted by his current manager, right before he was about to go back to London for work. He was not only a tattoo artist but he owned the tattoo parlor he worked in. After sending in some pictures and a video, RED signed him and he booked work with 10 Men,Another Man, T Style Magazine, and the Barneys catalog, all without a portfolio.
“Dirty English” Photo:William Lord Style:Mike Stallings

He’s also has had work from Sugarcraft,Brian Woods, as well as various editorials featured on The Contributing Editor.

Dan isn’t limited to photos though, we found him scattered over the Spring/Summer men’s shows. He booked these three as well as Odyn Vovk where he opened the show.

UPDATE: Taylor Momsen versus Jenny Humphries





First I want to apologize for posting this and not writing anything… I was fiddling with the music player and then I was trying to do something else, then I got sidetracked… but I’m back

Anyways, todays post is about Taylor Momsen and her Gossip Girl character, Jenny Humphries. I started thinking up this post when I began listening to The Pretty Reckless but after getting wind of some tidbits I decided I had to blog.

First we’ll talk Jenny Humphries esque things.

From what I hear, little J and her kingdom that she is underwriting with her drug selling habits will be going on hiatus for a few weeks. While at the beginning the expected break was supposed to be 10 or 11 weeks long, figures that I’m hearing now come to about 6. The show will be replaced by “Life Unexpected”. It looks to me like someone’s trying to bump the bejeweled crown from Humphries head, and what’s worse, they’re from an entirely different show.

I know you may have been wondering where Jenny’s new look has come from, or maybe you thought that it was all the stylist of the show. On the contrary, Miss Momsen has to do with that. With the start up of her band, The Pretty Reckless, and this new glam punk rocker chick look she rocks offstage, the people at the GG camp had perfect inspiration.

Now I want to address a few words that were dropped on me from a friend, who knows someone on the set of Gossip Girl. From what I hear, Taylor has been causing a ruckus because Leighton Meester’s music is played on the show but not a note has been heard from The Pretty Reckless. She apparently doesn’t think it’s fair and has been making quite a stink about it. Maybe this character is going to her head a bit much. Anyways, yesterday I heard that Miss Momsen might have made so much of a fuss that she may not be asked back for another season…

My question is who will she be replaced with? Maybe this is the whole reason for the fight with Erik so he can dethrone her, kick her off the show, and focus on someone else… I don’t see any one on the show being able told the spotlight well besides Erik so will Gossip Girl stop talking about Constance period. Or will Georgina Jr. pop up?? And who would play that character? I’ve taken an interest in Lourdes Leon recently, and I wonder if she could do it??