It’s here!!!

by Mikelle S

I’m in college now guys so I do apologize about how sporadic posts are but they will be that way until I finally get a full schedule and pencil in blogging time.

But I haven’t completely forgotten my fashion and so I did want to say something.  I GOT THE FASHION ISSUES OF W AND VOGUE!!!  Yes, my mom shipped them to me so I got them later than I should have but… I got them.  Anyways Kate Moss is on W and Charlize Theron is on VOGUE.  I’ve seen the INSTYLE cover, and Jennifer Lopez in my opinion looks stunning.(Hopefully there are upcoming blogs about each issue *fingers crossed*)

Also, the actual documentary The September Issue is now out, and I’m DYING to see it!  Anyways, I knew you guys wouldn’t hate seeing the trailer just once more.